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When Experience COUNTS, (over 45 yrs) Action Pet Express Pet Movers  is your Logical BEST Choice!
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Beware! Most IPATA pet shippers and their VERY high prices, and often lack of complete knowledge... Do include us in your search for best services and prices... Guarantee we are MOST helpful....LOOK  OUT Using a 3rd Party Pet Shipper is the quickest way to BANKRUPTCY  see p. 4

Pet Shipping Services/ Animal Shipping/ Pet Transportation/ Pet Travel/ Pet Relocation/ Pet Moving / Over the Road - Door to Door - Ground Transportation of Pets.. Domestic - World Wide by AIR  Pet Express   We do NOT cut corners; we simply do NOT overcharge....And BBB rating = A +    we ITEMIZE  ALL charges

We provide door to door, over the road Pet (Animal) Transportation to/from: Greater Washington DC area, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Northern Virginia ( door to door thru-out the states of: Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Ohio, Kentucky, Vermont, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island ) We provide Pet Shipping-Relocation by Air; to/from: Washington Dulles - IAD; Washington Reagan - DCA; Baltimore - BWI; Newark - EWR; Philadelphia; and many other airports  Domestic and International

 How SAFE is Pet Travel ? .. p.5  TESTIMONIALS    P... 12     SCAMS and Rip Offs ... p.   10
Very SHOCKING Truth about IPATA ... P.   18

Shocking - Revealing  EXPOSE  of  Pet  Austin, TX .. p.27

State Department and Foreign Service  Pet Moves  ... p. 26

MEMORIAL  DAY  page... 22

We provide Hands On care of your pet at ALL times; UNLIKE, 3rd party IPATA shippers who NEVER see your pet...
VISIT our NEW WEBSITE at:   We are Located in Northern Virginia in the Greater Washington, D.C. area

It's most natural for you to be Stressed out over a pending Pet Relocation !  I guarantee your complete Peace of Mind after our  FREE pet travel assistance consultation... NO High pressure sales tactics... NO Obligation

We Gladly provide FREE advice and assistance to ALL Pet Travel, Worldwide, NO matter where you are or where you are going; even if you do NOT use our professional services
USING a 3rd Party Pet Shipper, a Middleman, will in ALL situations endup costing you several thousands of dollars MORE, than necessary.  See .. page  4    Some to be especially watchful of (SUPER expensive): AeroPaws; Air Animal - Tampa; Airborne Animals - New Jersey; All Pet Travel - Tucson; Animal Land - Atlanta; Animals Away; Capital Pet Movers - Maryland; Cosmopolitan Canine Carriers; Happy Tails - Tucson; Jet-A-Pet; Pet Air - Kansas City; Pet Express - San Francisco; Pet Relocation - Austin, TX; Puppy Travel - Salt Lake City; Starwood Animal Transport - Boston and Houston; World Pet Travel - Lexington, KY   You will be SHOCKED that our total charges will be a FRACTION of the charges of IPATA members !

*** Very IMPORTANT: For a very Happy Pet Travel Experience, PLEASE READ our Pet Travel Planning page . 3

Door to Door pet services offered by Most IPATA  3rd party shippers is a MAJOR Rip Off see p.4

State Department and Foreign Service Pet Relocations ... see p. 26

WAKE  UP  all Pet Owners !  It is time to STOP paying the super HIGH prices being charged by the IPATA 3rd party pet shippers.... They are fleecing you to NO end.... We will show you how.. NO Obligation  NO High Pressure   You ARE being taken advantage of !!

United Airlines accused of mishandling and nearly killing a dog... Why won't they respond?  see.. Page.  33

STRANGE: As of this date, 11 Jan 2014, Pet Relocation in Austin, TX can NOT bring themselves around to further praise United as a Pet Friendly air line... Wonder why?



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We have been assisting Pets and their families relocate NationWide and WorldWide since 1969.. with our personal attention to ALL details of Pet Travel...One Service Level - SUPERIOR - at ALL times...

At Action Pet Express your very FIRST phone call is answered by a pet travel SPECIALIST.. You are NEVER passed around to others !

Associate Member: AFSA
American Foreign Service Association

Member: Better Business Bureau
DC-Eastern PA

Read on to see how it WORKS ....


Military PCS .. p. 15  We are a VETERAN  OWNED and operated business...

Pet Travel Safety & Costs .. p.5

What separates us from other Pet Shippers ... P. 31

VERY valuable additional travel information.... p. 32

When 3rd party pet shippers offer 'door to door' this means 'Door to PoorHouse' for you !
Major  Rip Off !  p. 4







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We STRONGLY recommend ALL pets be microchipped: ISO 11784 or 85

Testimonials .... p. 12

Pet Travel Planning .... p. 3

Over the Road Pet Transport .... p. 13

Do NOT be deterred by the expensive quotes from other pet shippers.. You will be pleasently SURPRISED after speaking with us!

BBB logo  Translate our site Pet Scams   p.10 State Department   p.26 Foreign Service Pet Travel  page... 26

Do NOT be put off by the large amount of content on our site! It's there FOR a purpose.. To HELP you.. Please read it - Then, contact us.  You will be GLAD you did!

Many other web sites are very cute; and full of hype... If you want things done 100% correctly; and at a fraction of the costs of other shippers,
then Action Pet Express should be your choice ! We encourage shopping around and comparing.....
We provide a complete Pet Relocation Service, from Start to Finish, at a FRACTION of the cost of IPATA pet shippers, AND, we itemize EVERYTHING and ALL charges.  NO hidden charges like most other IPATA pet shippers do to you....

DOMESTIC - INTERNATIONAL  To/From ALL  AIRPORTS  including: Washington D.C.  Dulles-IAD, Washington Reagan-DCA,Baltimore-BWI, Newark-EWR, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Raleigh-Durham, Charlotte, Norfolk-Virginia Beach,
Richmond, Knoxville, Nashville, Lexington, Louisville, Cincinnati, New York City, JFKLondon, Dublin, Belfast, Madrid, Lisbon, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Copenhagan, Oslo, Stockholm, Moscow, Frankfurt, Berlin, Munich, Vienna, Prague, Zurich, Geneva, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Johannesburg, Tokyo, Narita, Osaka, Naha, Manila, Bangkok, Jakarta, Athens, Mexico, UK, England, Great Britain, Scotland, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, France, Andora, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Russia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Greece, European Union, UAE, South Africa, Japan, Okinawa, Thailand, Indonesia, Maylaysia, China, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, South America, India, Mumbai, New Dlhi, Doha, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Israel, Cuba, Panama, Costa Rica, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, San Jose, Seattle, Salt Lake City, Spokane, Las Vegas, Reno, Phoenix, Tucson, Denver, Colorado Springs, Dallas-Ft Worth, Houston, Austin, New Orleans, Atlanta, Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville, Charlotte, Minneapolis, Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Boston, New Castle, Hershey, Harrisburg, Gettysburg,Erie, Buffalo, Allentown, Bethlehem, Altoona, Williamsport, Stroudsburg, Lancaster, Scranton, Wilkes Barre, State College, York, Camden, Trenton, Newark, Jersey City, Chester

We have shipped pets (dogs, cats, ferrets, birds, etc)  to/from ALL parts of the WORLD for over 44 yrs

IF you use a 3rd party pet shipper, you will in ALL cases, end up paying several thousands of dollars MORE than necessary.  see p.  4

We ONLY use Pet Safe and Pet Friendly AIRLINES for your piece of mind..... and your pets comfort....

Why would you want to pay thousands of dollars MORE than necessary to a middleman who will NEVER see your pet?

Why use a pet shipper who will NOT itemize their charges for you?

Why does IPATA continue to ignore your needs and concerns?

Why would you want to pay much money for worthless forms from Pet Travel Store?

We offer the UTMOST in pet shipping arrangements at the LOWEST cost.  Attention: Employee and Corporate Relocations...


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**Pet Travel Store in Ft Lauderdale ... A MAJOR  Rip Off  SCAM  .. p. 29 **


 * Pet Relocation - Austin, TX
EXPOSE....... p. 27

*Happy Tails .. EXPOSE  p. 28

 Pet Travel Planning .. p. 3

*IPATA - Experimental Labs 
p.  23 (super URGENT

We are registered with the USDA - United States Department of Agriculture as an Intermediate Handler, certificate # 54 H 0002
We fully comply with ALL aspects of the Animal Welfare Act

We have completed the requirementss for 'Pet First Aid' and CPR, conducted by the Washington County, Maryland American Red Cross, and carry with us at ALL times, a Pet First Aid kit..

Why even consider using someone to ship your pets who you can NOT contact at night, or on a weekend?  Suppose you have an urgent need to reach the shipper?

If you are Military, would you NOT be more comfortable using a veteran to assist you?

Why does IPATA continue to allow its members to rip off the public?



We Provide Over the Road Animal Transportation - Door to Door, Pet Delivery throughout the States of: Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Ohio, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Delaware, Washington DC, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, All New England.  Pet ground transportation.. All mid-Atlantic states and entire East Coast.     (see page  13)

Our Always FREE Consultations and Advice will be VERY helpful, NO matter where you are or going !



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PET  RELOCATION and transportation made as Easy, Affordable, and Stress Free, as Possible; with Super Loving Care !
How to ship pets (transport) (dogs, cats, birds, other animals)? We are here to help you with world wide pet shipping at ALL times ! Be sure to read our
Pet Travel Planning page 3   We can help you NO matter where you are; or where you are going

Specialists in Personalized Safe Pet Travel Arrangements WorldWide 
We Provide Hands On, Pet Relocation, BY AIR and ROAD 



Boy with cat, Boy with Dog, Pet Shipping | Animal Shipping | Pet Transportation | Worldwide Pet Shipping


We CUT  OUT  the MiddleMan (3rd party pet shipper) SAVING you Thousands of Dollars ! .... click  here

We are located in Northern Virginia; near: Washington, DC; Dulles and Baltimore 

 Jerry Mishler, owner-U.S. Army veteran     IPATA - Pre-Founder  1975-79

 BEWARE! Pet Travel Store in Ft Lauderdale, FL is a MAJOR Ripoff.. see  pages # 2  and # 10

We totally support Operation Baghdad Pups

 Military PCS with PETS


USDA Cert # 54 H 0002

PayPal Acceptance Mark

Do you really want to do business with the IPATA Pet shippers who solicit Animal Transport to the DISGUSTING Experimental Laboratories ?   see.. p.  23

Always DEMAND Total and Complete Itemization of ALL Charges.  Most Pet Shippers Will NOT !! We ALWAYS do !

We are a true PET TRAVEL Agency

This page updated:  April 11,  2014

URGENT: read page 4 re: 3rd party shippers.
These are the 3rd party shippers (middlemen) that you can expect to pay several thousand's of dollars MORE than necessary. Listed in alphabetical order:
Air Animal, Tampa, FL; Airborne Animals, NJ: Animal Land, Atlanta; Animals Away, Nationwide; Cosmopolitan Canine Carriers, CT; Happy Tails, Tucson, AZ; Jet-a-Pet, Nationwide; Pet Express, San Francisco; Pet Relocation, Austin, TX; Pets Fly, Phoenix, AZ; Starwood Animal Transport, MA and Houston; VIP, Portland, OR; WorldPetTravel, Lexington, KY Most of these also solicit transport of defenseless animals to the Labs..
These firms can do NOTHING more for you than all other shippers, other than take your money !!

We provide ALL inclusive PREMIER Airport Pet Transport and Pet Shipping Services...
Animal Moving and Pet Relocation Express Services, Moving Pets To/From Entire USA and the World

We offer VIP escorted pet shipping services, domestically and worldwide. Pets in cabin; excess baggage and as cargo.. We personally escort your pet...

Third Party Shippers
Pet Travel Safety
Over the Road
Experimental Labs
State Dept
United Airlines Pet Relocation Expose
HappyTails Expose
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New Zealand
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We fully support:   Pets for Patriots Operation Military Pets

Aid for Relocation of Military Pets

Assistance with pets returning from Japan and Okinawa visit: and

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 Dog -Contact Action Pet Express in Leesburg, Virginia for domestic and international pet transport and shipping services.    

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