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Do you REALLY want to trust your beloved pet (s) to a Pet Shipping company (PetRelocation - Austin, TX) whose own employees have these following comments to say:



URGENT:  New USDA policies!!

Pet  Scams.... page 8

The following are ALL  VERY expensive IPATA 3rd Party Pet Shippers out to Rip You Off  money wise: AirVets-DFW; Animal Land - Atlanta; Capital Pet Movers - Wash DC; Happy Tails - Arizona; Pender - Wash DC; Pet Express - SFO; Pet Relocation - Austin, TX; PuppyTravel - SLC..  The Following are ALSO 3rd Party Shippers Who ALSO Solicit Transport of Animals to Experimental Laboratories:  Air Animal - Tampa and Orlando; Airborne Animals - NJ; Animals Away - USA; AVICO - LAX; Charlotte Pet Services - CLT; Jet-A-Pet - USA; Mersant - USA; PCS Pets - RDU; Pet Air - Kansas City; PetsFly - Arizona; Starwood Transport - Boston and Houston; Pet Wagon - RDU; VIP - Portland; World Pet Travel - DFW

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Also Door to Door, Over the Road Pet Transport thru-out: Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware. Washington DC, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Georgia (Atlanta)

Ethics violations of  Petrelocation.com of Austin, TX; and Animaland Pet Movers of Atlanta, GA   IPATA does NOT care !!!

Dear IPATA Ethics Committee members, and other friends.... The following email message needs to be brought to your attention for immediate attention....I request that formal ethics violation charges be brought against: Pet Relocation of Spicewood, TX   They are in violation of ethics established by IPATA.  Specifically, they are lying to the general public, and providing false information in order to secure business.... The client in this case wants to send two large dogs to Germany.  Agent: Christina Fernandez of Pet Relocation of Spicewood, TX specifically states, "Pets are now required to be checked-in as freight by an agent who is TSA approved".  Of course, we know this is NOT true, for exports from USA.  This is a deliberate attempt to scare people into using Pet Relocation, and perhaps NOT to use someone else !!!   NOTE:  I was kicked out of IPATA for telling the truth, and now we have a member, who no doubt, will remain in good standing, for telling a very deliberate lie !!! Christine also states that she would be tracking the dogs during their flight.  Another falsehood.  There is NO way to track a flight other than, using the airwaybill to determine that the flight did indeed take off, and is in flight.... It is VERY ironic, that the very airline that PetRelocation touts as being the Most 'Pet Safe" in the industry, Continental, could ship these two dogs for a total of less than $2200; but, in this case, Pet Relocation of Spicewood, TX, sees an opportunity of major mega bucks, elects to quote: Between $6950 to $7350 !!!!!  And, refuses to offer a true itemization of all charges....... Since Gay O'Brien is a member of the Ethics Committee; and is also, the mother and mother-in-law of the owners of Pet Relocation, it will be interesting to see if nepotism plays a part in Pet Relocation NOT having to address this issue..... For the time being, I have elected to delete the name of the actual client.  Just for now, that is !!  I trust this will receive very immediate attention.  Otherwise, this information will find its way onto my website, with a readership of over 200 new persons EVERY day...... I would have also addressed this to IPATA Headquarters, and the President: Ms Sally Smith, but they have elected to NOT receive emails from me.   Best Regards, Jerry Mishler     Action Pet Express    Where the truth is ALWAYS indicated.....


----- Original Message -----
To:Action Pet Express
Sent: Monday, April 04, 2011 5:18 PM
Subject: AW: International Pet Relocation

I just received an Email from Petrelocation with another offer.
They want "between $6950 to $7350"...
I asked for an itemized list of service that this would include...
I just received answer:

The pricing I gave you is based on the summary of services document I sent you previously, and includes not only the airfare, but the agenting. I would basically micro- manage the entire process including all export documentation, government endorsements, tendering and check in at airport, flight, import documentation, customs clearance, (and quarantine reservations should they become necessary). I would also be tracking them during their flight.

The door to door service could be substituted for a “meet & greet airport”-to-“airport” solution, where our local agent meets you at the airport and checks them in and ensures that your pets are routed directly to their flight (pets are now required to be checked-in as freight by an agent who is TSA approved, if they are not being checked in as excess baggage).

(NOTE from ActionPetExp)  This statement is a Total LIE...  Anyone can ship a pet from USA.  Does NOT need to be TSA approved...

So, in this scenario, you would be making sure that they are transported to the airport in the U.S., and you would pick them up at the airport in Frankfurt and go through the process of clearing them through customs. This may require gathering the documents from your pets, and then going to a separate office to get the documents stamped, and then return to them to pick them up.

Did you have a certain budget in mind? If you share that with me, perhaps I could try to customize something for you.

Christina Fernandez | Pet Relocation Specialist
PetRelocation.com | Any Pet, Anywhere, Any Time
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We have submitted the above complaint to the IPATA  Ethics Com  twice now, with NO response from them....

We leave this to your discretion whether to use a service, or organization, that allows such blatant violation of their own ethics,

and will NOT address the issue, or followup on a legitamate complaint.

On 06 May 2011, Sally Smith, the current President of IPATA, and a 3rd party pet shipper herself, wrote the following:  Quote:  Jerry, in accordance with the rules of the Ethics Committee, complaints MUST be filed by one of the parties involved, NOT by a 3rd party.  A pet owner who had an incidence with any (ipata) member is free to file an official complaint, as per the Ethics committee rules, by contacting the IPATA office.    (end quote)

So, does in fact seem that ipata does NOT want to hear from anyone outside the organization.  This is a great way to keep membership under control!!!

So, you the consumer, should make your own mind up as to whether you wish to use someone who runs afowl !  If you wish to use a pet shipper who does NOT tell the truth; and who OVERCHARGES on top of it.

Another ethics violator is: Animal Land in Atlanta, GA

 They continue to advertise that they have offices on several continents.  This is a total  UNTRUTH. They only have one office and that is in Atlanta.  They consider all other ipata members as being their offices. This has also been reported to IPATA with NO results.
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