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No Excess Baggage

PET  RELOCATION in Austin, TX is now making a BIG play for pets going as cargo and NOT as excess (checked) baggage.  Everything they say on their web site on this subject is total B.S.

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Pet handling as excess baggage is usually MUCH better.  Pets are in their carriers for a much shorter time.  Check in before flight is less time than as cargo.  1 1/2 hrs opposed to 3-4 hrs.

Recovery is MUCH quicker as ex bag!  Customs clearance is MUCH quicker as ex bag and usually with NO fees!

REMEMBER..... Ex bag pets and cargo pets fly in the very same pressurized, temp controlled compartment; side by side.  Cargo  charges are MUCH more.   IPATA agents make MUCH more money when pets travel as cargo.  This is the REALLY main reason IPATA promotes cargo over ex bag! 

IPATA wants to make it  REQUIRED that you can NOT take your pets as excess baggage. YES.  They want to make it required that you MUST at ALL times ship pets ONLY as cargo.

This of course would make for much more business for their membership.  It would of course end up costing you MUCH more.

A directive was recently sent out to all IPATA members from Ms Cherie Derouin at IPATA headquarters on 21` Nov 2011, mostly regarding their recent convention in Hong Kong.

The following direct quote is from the directive.  It is not clear if it is from Ms Derouin, or Ms Sally Smith, who is the President of IPATA. 

The reference is to an IPATA live animal meeting held in Montreal this past September. Quote: "At this time we have NOT yet been able to influence the airlines to STOP accepting pets as excess baggage, but it was discussed."

There is NO legitimate reason why pets should not fly as excess baggage... Same safe handling.  All ex bag pets fly in the very same compartment as cargo pets. 

Only thing is that cargo pets are more expensive. It is also a known fact that IPATA would like to see the requirement that at ALL times ONLY IPATA agents would be able to ship pets on the U.S. domestic airlines. 

Stopping excess baggage shipments is only a giant step in this direction.  Then, think what the cost factor will be for you??  IPATA wants total control of the pet shipping industry. And, this would be at your expense!!

Delta has recently adopted new regulations of NOT accepting pets as excess baggage, only as cargo.  And, that ALL International shipments MUST be booked by IPATA members ONLY.  Domestic shipments will be next.  Delta is a BIG member of IPATA.  You figure?  Guess where your money is going?    STOP even thinking of using Delta....   We can save you BIG money using Lufthansa and/or United and/or Qatar Airlines!

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