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Attn:  Jerry

Recently we made a PCS move to Aviano, Italy.  We were told to use United to Rome.  Then United said we could ONLY use an ipata pet shipper to book.  After contacting several ipata members we insisted that there had to be a better way!  We found Action Pet Express... You helped us using Lufthansa to Venice... NO ipata member suggested this route.  You saved us thousands of dollars and MUCH stress.. Thankyou for NOT being a member of IPATA!!  They did you such a BIG favor, and the pet shipping public as well, when they removed you from their god awful membership.  And for you telling the TRUTH about 3rd party pet shippers.. 

Jack and Susan Maguire     Col  USAF  14 July 2015


I wish there were some way to covey our appreciation to you and your fine organization!!
I will do ALL I can do to get my fellow military  families to get to  your website. 
In March we had to get our two large dogs to Germany.  ALL of the local pet shippers in the San Francisco Bay area showed NO mercy and their quotes were out of this world!  Thankfully we came across your site.  We ended up shipping to you and you further shipped on Lufthansa to Munich.  We understand that you can not book on Lufthansa at SFO, ONLY at Dulles.  This way also gave our dogs a nice travel break.  All in all, this saved us over $2000 over the lowest quote at SFO... I might add that the three pet shippers who finally returned our calls should be stripped of their permits to be in business..  So late and rude!  And such lack of knowledge!!  The fourth firm in Oakland just never bothered to get back to me.

Thank you, AGAIN

Glen Parsons,  Major  U.S. Army, Germany
24 May 2015 

Dear Jerry


We are with the Department of State and were posted to South Africa.  At the time we were living in Phoenix.  We have two dogs and one cat to relocate.  This all happened in March.  Had NO idea how to go about it.  Stumbled upon ipata.  (using small letters as they do NOT even deserve that!)  Contacted pet shippers in Tucson, Phoenix and elswhere.. With the quotes we got we seriously thought we might have to give up at least our large dog.  Then we saw your ad in the Foreign Service Journal.  Needless to say you were a LIFE saver.  We shipped pets to you using United and you shipped from Dulles directly to ZA.  Total cost was $3000 less than the lowest cost quote we had and nearly $7000 less than from Pet Relocation in Texas.  Your expose of Happy Tails was also most useful.  Thank you SO much


No Nme Please
Now in South Africa 
April 17, 2015


DEAR PET OWNERS (Especially Military About to PCS)

I recently made a PCS move fr FT Bragg, NC to Germany..Had two dogs to go...I contacted the following Pet Shippers: Charlotte Pet Services; PCS Pets; Pet Wagon all in North Carolina; Aeropaws in South Carolina; and Action Pet Express near Washington DC (this is the one we used). The first four ALL were so very expensive!! AEROPAWS wanted $350 just to make flight arrangements... PCS Pets said they offered the 'deepest military discount'.  Their prices were so high to begin with the discount meant Nothing... Action Pet Express was by far the least expensive.  They included us on the email booking request to Lufthansa so we knew exactly what we were paying the airline.  NO hidden charges.. They drove to Ft Bragg for our pets for a fraction of the costs of the other shippers.  No need to take my word for it... contact ALL of the above and find out for yourself!!

Mike Milner
1st Lt  US Army
04 March 2015



We recently used another service in Washington DC area. The new one that recently popped up... NEVER again.. We had three cats to fly to Los Angeles.. After their hidden charges came up and rude telephone conversations we so wish we had gone with you... The shipper in LA was equally bad.   Another IPATA member no less!!  We ended up paying considerably more than original quotation..  We were turned off by your 'busy' website.  Oh how we wished we had read it all.  You have so much good info...

Best to you,
Irene and Willis Compton
February 14, 2015

Action Express,

We recently used an over the road service to bring two dogs from Washington state to Chicago... DON'T ever do this.  Almost lost our pets...Jerry had warned us about this.  He even gave us a name of a pet shipper in Seattle to ship by air.  We thought we knew it all !! The road delivery service broke down several times.  Did NOT stay in touch as promised.  We almost used UShip.  Then we read elsewhere of someone who used them and their dog never arrived!! My advice is: Listen to Jerry.  He really knows what he is talking about.

Jim and Carol Lewin
January 16, 2015

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