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DEAR PET OWNERS (Especially Military About to PCS)

I recently made a PCS move fr FT Bragg, NC to Germany..Had two dogs to go...I contacted the following Pet Shippers: Charlotte Pet Services; PCS Pets; Pet Wagon all in North Carolina; Aeropaws in South Carolina; and Action Pet Express near Washington DC (this is the one we used). The first four ALL were so very expensive!! AEROPAWS wanted $350 just to make flight arrangements... PCS Pets said they offered the 'deepest military discount'.  Their prices were so high to begin with the discount meant Nothing... Action Pet Express was by far the least expensive.  They included us on the email booking request to Lufthansa so we knew exactly what we were paying the airline.  NO hidden charges.. They drove to Ft Bragg for our pets for a fraction of the costs of the other shippers.  No need to take my word for it... contact ALL of the above and find out for yourself!!

Regards...  Mike Milner    1st Lt  US Army    04 March 2015


Jerry ....     February 14, 2015

We recently used another service in Washington DC area. The new one that recently popped up... NEVER again.. We had three cats to fly to Los Angeles.. After their hidden charges came up and rude telephone conversations we so wish we had gone with you... The shipper in LA was equally bad.   Another IPATA member no less!!  We ended up paying considerably more than original quotation..  We were turned off by your 'busy' website.  Oh how we wished we had read it all.  You have so much good info...

Best to you,  Irene and Willis Compton

Action Express ...     January 16, 2015

We recently used an over the road service to bring two dogs from Washington state to Chicago... DON'T ever do this.  Almost lost our pets...Jerry had warned us about this.  He even gave us a name of a pet shipper in Seattle to ship by air.  We thought we knew it all !! The road delivery service broke down several times.  Did NOT stay in touch as promised.  We almost used UShip.  Then we read elsewhere of someone who used them and their dog never arrived!! My advice is: Listen to Jerry.  He really knows what he is talking about...

Jim and Carol Lewin


Jerry ....                14 December 2014

We used Jerry's Action Pet Express to ship our three pets to Austria last month.  We had also contacted the IPATA members: Pender, Club Pet, Animailers, Capital Pet, Pet Relocation in TX, and a few others.  We can understand why Jerry does NOT belong to IPATA.  Good for him!!!  He had many pluses  going:  Much quicker response, much better knowledge, MUCH lower charges....  I could go on and on....

We highly recommend Action Pet Express in Washington, DC

Tom Sanders and family.... Formerly of Arlington, VA


Dear Action Pet Express     10 Dec 2014

As you know, earlier this month we used your services to ship two smaller German Shep from Dulles to South Africa. We traveled on Government orders.  First of All, we attempted to contact: Pender Vet Air on 2 Nov; as well as: Club Pet, Pet Relocation in Texas, and Air Animal in Tampa, FL. It took two days and two more emails to get thru to Pender.  They wanted the following charges: $800 to make flight arrangements, pickup in Stafford, VA  Then, get this, approximate airfare of $5000. Can you believe this?  Club Pet wanted: $400 administrative fee, pickup in Stafford for $225, then, $250 to check pets into airline... He said, the air cargo charges would be: About $1320 per dog!!!  Pet Relocation in Texas wanted approx $800 for the local services and $5600 for everything else. (airfare, airport to door service, and a bunch of other nonsense)  Air Animal wanted too much personal history, etc so never did get a quote from them. Also tried calling two pet shippers in Maryland and never heard back

Now, for the GOOD news.  Found you.  I do not know why anyone would use anyone other than you? Got email back from you within one hour.  Your total charges, just so the public will know, were: $275 to make ALL bookings, review our paperwork, pickup the dogs in Stafford and deliver to and check in at Dulles.  Only you recommended using South African Airlines.  Their total charges were well under: $1000  Only you advised using the lab at Ft Sam Houston to do the blood work. This saved us hundreds of dollars.

Come on State Department, and others.  Why don't you do more to promote Action Pet Express?  We saved thousands of dollars using them, and Jerry knew so much more about this travel plan than did the others....

Sincerely, Dan Linden

To ALL readers of Action Pet Express    November 20, 2014


Early this month we moved three pets from New York City to Los Angeles.  We read what Jerry had to say on his website, but dismissed this as rantings of an old disgruntled person... Oh, were we wrong.... We hired a popular 3rd party shipper to set things up. We fell for all the sweet talk, and all the great services included like Door to Door service.... What a rip off......
We never knew who the service provider in NYC was to be. Only that they were supposed to be part of the 3rd party shipper company. They showed up two hours late. They had the wrong phone number for us.  We had tried calling our middleman service, but could not get thru or any kind of call back. Pets were taken to Newark airport to fly out on United.  Two of the kennels were NOT accepted so had to pay more to the shipper to go buy some acceptable kennels.  Our 3rd party shipper had told us on the phone that the kennels we had were fine. We had sent pictures of kennels and pets to them.
Then upon delivery at LAX... Another disaster. Pets were to be delivered to our son and family in Van Nuys.  Service at that end did NOT call our son as promised. Showed up about 4 hours late. Reeked with cigarette smoke according to our son.. Delivery person was also very rude.
Yes, we should have listened to Jerry.  We could have contacted persons ourselves at both NYC and LAX and made our own arrangements.  We would have saved over $2000 and would have much less stress.

Please, listen to Jerry even if you can not use him

Regards,  Michael Reed  now in Van Nuys, CA



Jerry and Action Pet Express.....   26 Sep 2014

I wish to second what all Betty has just said. When Jerry says he is available 24/7 he means it.... Really good to know there is someone we can contact at odd hours.  We recently pcs'd to Frankfurt, Germany. I am in the U.S. Army.  BEWARE:  Those pet shippers who offer military discounts.. Everyone of them is a total rip off... Just check them ALL out, then, contact Action Pet Express for a really fair and honest pet assist...

Erick Lansing     Major,   US Army


Dear Action Pet Express  ..... September 6, 2014

I am with the State Department and recently needed to post to South Africa. Have two dogs.  I sent out emails on a Saturday morning to all the IPATA shippers in DC area, plus to: Pet Relocation in Austin, TX and Air Animal in Tampa, FL.  Also to Action Pet Express, a non-Ipata member.  I certainly recommend the non-IPATA member!  I did not expect a return until Monday at least.  Jerry at Action Pet Express was back to me within two hours on Sat!  No one else returned info until late Monday... Only Jerry recommended using South African Airlines... This alone saved me over $1000 in air cargo charges. SAA did a wonderful job and the dogs did great. Only Jerry suggested having the lab at Ft Sam Houston do the lab work and this saved mega bucks... Right down the line, Jerry seemed to have the best handle on ALL details.  I highly recommend Action Pet Express...

Betty M.    now in ZA


Dear Jerry and Action Pet Express....  July 27, 2014

We here at the employee relocation staff at IBM were most interested in your website.  We did our own investigation of third party pet shippers.  By following your recommendations, we find that we can indeed save our employees and our company serious money!  And, can provide total overall better service as well.  Many thanks for your efforts, and we wish you continued success .


Dear Jerry, and all others who should be using Action Pet Express........  14 Jul 14

Three months ago we got orders for our new post (State Department)  We were unaware of your service, so had made arrangements with another company in the D.C. area to ship our two dogs.  Then, couple weeks ago an emergency situation came up and we had to make some changes in our plans.  Late on a Friday afternoon of course. Tried calling the firm we had made arrangements with. Voice mail only. (They did get back to us on the following Monday afternoon.  Sorry.  Too late)  we tried all other IPATA members in the area.  Could not reach anyone.  We then called Lufthansa Air Cargo and they highly recommended you. Don't know how we missed your website?  Reached you right away and you took care of everything. And, turns out your shipping charges were about $1000 less than the firm we were going with. Thanks so much for the splended service.  Your years of experience really helped us out....

We highly recommend you. Regards, Ivan and Jean Parsons


Jerry...          July 7, 2014

I work for Exxon Mobil.  In my position I do a great amount of travel and always take my standard Schnauzer with me.  Have been doing this for quite sometime.  My company usually uses one of the so called 3rd party shippers you mention.. I recently came across your site and have used your advice twice now. I am trying to get my company to use you exclusevly As you mention, the 3rd party shippers are nothing but rip offs.  I totally agree with your assesment.... I usually take my dog as excess baggage.  Not once did the 3rd party shippers ever mention or suggest excess baggage.  They always push cargo so they can make a mint.  Only you have ever suggested excess baggage.  You, and Action Pet Express, are by far the most honest of the professional pet shippers.  I should say that you are the ONLY professional pet shipper.  Thanks for being there for us....

Ron F.   Houston, TX


Dear Jerry     June 28, 2014

Wow.   We just about got caught up in the Big Bang Pet Spam in Los Angeles.  Just got this in time....Thanks so much for your updates... For those who might not know, they should read your spam page, ALL the way. It's too long a story to tell, but you probably saved us several thousand dollars.  Your advice on getting ours dogs to Okinawa really helped....

Sure can tell that you are a veteran, and still really care about military families.  Happy Tails and their phony military discounts and really contempt for the military with what they say, should be closed down.... When they say they really appreciate what we are doing, then turn around with such huge fees.... And, the info they provided was for the most part totally incorrect.  That is what info we could get out of them without paying a horrible consultation fee....

Keep up the great work....

Major Robert Lane,     U.S.Airforce



Dear Actionpetexpress        18 Jun 2014


Our two dogs arrived sound and safe here in Abu Dhabi. Your recommendation to ship to you from San Antonio on United, then further shipping on Lufthansa worked out just great.  Really was a sound suggestion. Both for their care along the way, and the huge amount of money we saved over using Pet Relocation in Austin, TX.  They just did not have a clue.  As you so aptly said, they are just after as much money as quickly as possible.  They really do not have the welfare of the pet owner at heart.

It's true that most pet shippers can do all the proper work and put together the necessary services. There are a few failures along the way...  The bottom line really is price.
If one company can do all the necessary flight arrangements and put together the necessary logistics for:
$300; another $1000; and another for $4000 (PetRelo); why, spend the larger sums?  After reading several websites, for the most part, it is total baloney and super hype... You did a splended job and we are in a position to spread the word...

Sincerely,   Beth Blume


Jerry and Action Pet Express      June 10, 2014

Last month we moved from San Francisco to South Africa.  We had three small dogs to go with us.  We started our search for info three months ago. Came accross the IPATA website. We contacted four different firms in the Bay Area, as well as some others that turned out to be 3rd party shippers that you so correctly point out to be total rip offs..
The cheapest price we got in the Bay Area was nearly $5000  The third party shippers were closer to $7000  There just had to be a better way.  And, there was...Thankyou.  We found your site. Thanks to you, our total shipping charges were less than $2000 total airfare.  We did not need door to airport service at SFO though everyone urged us to do this..
We shipped to you on United and you further shipped on South African Airlines.  They were a fraction of Lufthansa or KLM  You showed us how to save mega bucks on the lab work we needed, as well.  You also recommended a firm in South Africa, but urged us to contact some others so we would be most satisfied.  Your recommendation turned out to be the best anyway.  Thanks again for being out there for us....

Ken and Marie Connors    now in ZA



Dear Action Pet Express   June 4, 2014

Recently we shipped our two dogs to Australia.  Since we lived in Minneapolis, we just did not know what to do. We almost went with Pet Relocation in Austin, TX  Their total line of hype almost had us confinced they were the ones to use.  Thankfully we came across your website and your recomendation of Jet Pets in Los Angeles. (Definitely do NOT use Jet-A-Pet. Wow, so expensive and not sharp with the proper info)  Usinging Jet Pets, we saved about $3000 over PetRelo.   Thanks for your on going assistance.

Regards,  Ralph and June Jensen


Jerry        27 May 2014

Thankyou for your splended service to get our 3 large dogs from Fort Bragg, NC to Frankfurt, Germany
I first came across PCS pet shipping in Chapel Hill, NC  Being a veteran I thought they would really treat us well.  Not so.... They have some huge 'pet relocation fees' that they really can not justify.  They offer a small military discount. Big deal.... Speaking with them I was NOT impressed. Lack of good knowledge, etc.  I then came across your site.  You do not have these pet relocation fees.
I was very impressed speaking with you.  Your total charges to drive down to Ft Bragg and take dogs to Lufthansa was a fraction of what PCS wanted to charge.  I assure you your good works is being spread around Ft Bragg

Thanks so much for taking such good care of us military

Robert Livingston     Major, U.S. Army  

Dear Jerry       May 14, 2014

I am also employed by a Fortune 500 company.  In the last 10 years we have had to relocate four times.  Each time with two large dogs.  We still have them.  The first three times we were refered to one of your 3rd party shippers.  Each time was a disaster.  Could not reach them on a weekend, or in the evening. The service was zero.... Each time I complained to our relocation people so they kept refering to some other 3rd party shipper.  Finally, this last move, six months ago, I found you. Thank God... You were great. Saved us, and our company several thousands of dollars.  Such nonsense these others try to put over on us pet owners.... Not you.

Sincerely, Richard Crawford,  Dallas, TX

Dear Jerry, and staff at Action Pet Express    April 27, 2014

I am employed with Chevron Corporation, a Fortune 500 company.  Last month my family and I were transfered from Richmond, California to Poland.  Our relocation department turned us to one of the 3rd party pet shippers you mention on your website as we have three small dogs in our family. Had a very nice visit with their agent. They only suggested door to door service, and with all the trimings would come to only a little over $6000   I thought to myself, there must be a better way. I searched the internet and found you.  With your advice, I saved my company over $5000.   Yes.... Since we were flying Lufthansa from San Francisco via Frankfurt to Warsaw, you advised taking the dogs as excess baggage all the way.  I had no problem securing the health papers and shipping kennels. Fantastic...I so advised our relocation service of your company, so you should be hearing more from Chevron.   Thanks so much for all your help....

Sincerely, Rob and family (no last name please)

 Dear Jerry, and to ALL potential pet owners shipping their pets.........       15 April 2014

Today is tax day..... What a day to come across your website... I especially zeroed in on your page 22 regarding Memorial Day. I researched all you had to say about how pet relocation in Austin, TX ( I can not put their name in small enough letters) abused their right to call themselves Americans.  How these self-righteous hypocrites could make such comments about Memorial Day, and never apologize, is beyond all comprehension.... I am a retired Army officer. I lost my father and a brother while on active duty.  I call on ALL patriotic Americans to totally boycott these rascals in Austin, TX for their un-American attitude...

To wish anyone a happy memorial day is unbelievable...

Best Regards,    Tony Anderson,  Col. U.S.Army (ret) Chicago, IL



Dear Jerry and staff at Action Pet Express    April 12, 2014

I came across your website resently and just could not believe the accusations you were making about other pet shippers.  One way to find out. I made up a scenario of a pet shipment, then contacted 15 IPATA pet shippers, including all that you have mentioned as 3rd party shippers.  I also contacted you, anonymously.....  I could NOT believe the results.  You were 100 % correct.  I received complete information from you only.   And, the prices....... You were so much less expensive.  And, what I really like about you.... If the shipment was not in your area, you did NOT try to grab it like all the others.... You really showed the best way to handle a pet shipment.  I tried on a weekend to contact the others with NO luck.  You were available.... Great

Thankyou for your service to our country....

Sincerely,    Ann Marie Kensington       New York City

Jerry      March 30, 2014

We should have listened to you!  We used a third party shipper. Dog was picked up from us on March 5, and was to be shipped on Sat March 8  We had a family emergency come up early on March 7.  We tried many times to reach the pet shipper with no luck.  Needed to postpone the shipment.  We tried all weekend, No luck. Finally late Monday morning we received a phone call with all kinds of excuses... Dog shipment did go thru, and things did work out. But NOT to our satisfaction.  Next time it will be with you.  Your 24 hour availability can not be beat.

Regards,   Lewis Kittleson,     Los Angeles, CA


Dear Action Pet Express   27 Mar 14

Recently we PCS'd from Korea to Detroit. Had a big dog to get back to CONUS. We were on the military flight and they had no room for the dog. We searched the internet, and finally agreed to use a pet shipper in USA to set this up. Yes, it was a firm that is on your 'Do NOT use' list..... Did not know it at the time. They set things up with a firm in Korea and the dog was on its way.  The firm in Korea never mentioned that we could have contacted them in the first place, thus saving ourselves over $2000.  What a disaster. Did not find your website until we were home and wanted to follow up.  I so encourage EVERYONE to follow your advice. Contact a pet shipper directly at point of departure.  You will save sooo much money.  This firm we used in USA, an IPATA member, really screwed things up.  They should NOT be in business.  All they would say to us was that they were sorry and offered a 10% discount next time we needed to ship the dog..... That of course will be the day pigs fly....

Thankyou for trying to help us military people.  Jerry, you are the greatest.....

Malcom and Lynn Meyers     Detroit, MI


Dear Jerry    March 10, 2014

Recently I needed to have two dogs shipped to me in New York City from England.. I did not know how to go about it. After searching the internet, I found IPATA... (what a disaster they are!) I called several pet shippers in the NY and NJ area.  Every single one said they could take care of everything, and for me to provide some information and then sit back and relax.  Every estimate seemed very expensive.  Then I stumbled across several 3rd party pet shippers in other parts of the country.  Their estimates were even more.  Every one of these rip offs told me I would need to use their U.S. service to do this.  This is a total lie... Then I found your site.  You were the ONLY upfront and honest of all the pet shippers.  Only you explained why, thanks to TSA, that a pet shipper in UK would be required. You then directed me to a list of several pet shippers in UK, and suggested I deal with them directly. I then found one and everything worked out great.  These pet shippers in UK are the very same people the U.S. pet shippers would need to use, but the fact that I dealt with them directly, saved me from $2000 to $5000.    I arranged my own pickup at JFK and saved many dollars here as well.  Thanks for being so honest.  Please accept this Big Hug by email.  And! You never charged me one cent for all your assistance....

Sincerely,  Mary Louis Lansing,    NYC

Open Letter to: Pet Relocation in TX; Air Animal in Tampa; Animal Land in Atlanta; and All other expensive third party pet shippers
Feb  12, 2014

Love all your cutesy pet pictures on your websites.  I dare you to put a picture of the mega green back dollars you charge for doing nothing special.... I've used Action Pet Express several times and they are excellent.  Why pay you super high fees for the very same thing Jerry does at a much more affordable charge?

Sincerely,     Clara Bowman    Washington DC

Dear Jerry    January 14, 2014

Wanted to let you know that I have safely arrived in Dubai, UAE  and that my two kitties are safely here as well. Just to let your readers know....You helped me with all veterinary paperwork, etc as well as advising as to boarding for a few days since the cats had to travel as cargo only. Your total charges, including the cargo charges on Lufthansa airlines came to just under $1000...... NOW, get this.... A fellow co-worker arrived here about the same time as I, though from another city. She arranged with one of the 3rd party pet shippers you note on your site.  She had only one small cat to ship.  She paid: NEARLY  $4000 dollars for their service. Totally unreal what is going on.  Just keep up the great job you are doing....

My very best to you....    Sally Vike

Dear Action Pet Express    December 28, 2013

I want to point out some of the serious dangers of using a dis-interested 3rd party shipper....(interested ONLY in make BIG bucks and NOT doing the job correctly....

Recently we moved from Los Angeles to Belgium.  We fell for the 3rd party shell game..... We used a pet shipper in another state to work things out.. Big mistake.... The courier they used in Los Angeles wanted to use a veterinarian of their choice rather than our own. So, I caved in.  I doubt if their vet did any kind of exam...?  When our dog arrived in Belgium, he was quite ill.  We took him to a local vet who found a serious tumor.  Luckly, we were able to save our beloved dog.  Had the exam been done by our own vet in Los Angeles, I am sure this would have been found at that time....  There is no question that the 3rd party pet shipper wants to do everything the cheapest way so they can make the most dollars.  We contacted the pet shipper in USA and the best they could, or would, offer is that they are sorry...... Would take NO responsibility of the vet their contacts use..... We also discovered that they indeed inflated the price of the pickup courier in LA....

My advice is, just as Jerry says:  Contact a pet shipper at your end, one who will have hands on and take full responsibility of all ervices provided.    Your total cost will be much less; and, your pet will be much better taken care of

Sincerely,     Rose Browne

Dear Jerry, and staff at Action Pet Express    18 Dec 2013

I want to let your readers in on what happened to us this past June.  We are Gov't employees and had to pcs to South Africa.  Had two dogs and two cats to move with us.  We had heard of IPATA before so looked up their agents in D.C. area as we were living in Fairfax, VA at the time. Spoke with: Animailers, Club Pet and Capital Pet Movers.  Sorry. We were not impressed with any of these.  Also contacted some 3rd party pet shippers elsewhere. Same story. Then a fellow State Dept friend recommended you.  You were the ONLY one to advise us that we would save much money by having Ft Sam Houston do the lab work for the dogs.  Also, only you suggested using South African Airways over KLM and Lufthansa.  Following your suggestions on these two matters alone saved us nearly $4000    Of course we had you do the delivery to Dulles as well.... I certainly recommend that others do take the time to read your very informative website.
We highly recommend using Action Pet Express.

Regards,       Sally Conger

Jerry     4 Nov 13

This past September, while based at Ft Campbell, KY I received orders to Germany.  With our family, we include 2 large dogs. We searched the internet for pet shippers.  Contacted several.  The closest were in Nashville, TN and Lexington, KY  Neither seemed to have a clue, and were very expensive. We decided on one in Atlanta.  What a major mistake this was.  Their door to door service was just what you said it would be. A BIG rip off. Still do not know who they used to pickup at Ft Campbell.  Big secret on their part.  We do know who delivered in Germany. Checked them out later and found we could have, and should have done as you say, contracted wtih them directly.  We paid the firm in Atlanta 3 times what the price would have been had we contacted the German firm directly.
The Atlanta firm did NOT carefully figure what we needed while on the phone or by email.  When the rather rude pickup service arrived at our house they said they thought the kennels were not big enough.  Later, we had a phone call from Atlanta airport saying we had to upgrade our kennels.  All in all, we would have saved over $2000 had we listened to you. Keep up the good work.  It is catching on as we have advised many other troops as to how to approach this situation.  You'd better add a couple vans to your fleet!!
Best Regards,     Tim Wilson    Major   U.S. Army

Dear Action Pet Express     October 10, 2013

I too am a reader of the b.s. blog put out by Pet Relocation, in Texas. So much baloney.... Same phony scenarios.... 'Please read our country requirements. Please fill out our "free" quotation form. Please let us provide our wonderful door to door services.'  I filled out their form once and they pestered me for a month begging me to use them... They kept lowering their charges.... NO way....  I so much prefer your approach.  You put us into contact with shippers in the country of destination and they provide much better entry info, etc.  And, these shippers also belong to IPATA.  Seems you do much more for the 'little' guy pet shipper than do the 3rd party shippers who want to do everything themselves, and at a MUCH higher price...
Yes, I can see why Walter Woolf, Kevin O'Brien and others wanted you disposed of..... But, you have certainly proved them wrong.... Keep up the excellent work... The true and honest word you are spreading is paying off....

Luv,    Karen Roberts      Frequent Pet Shipper    Chicago, IL

Dear Jerry and his potenial clients.....   October 4, 2013

We breed Dobermans and are located in the San Francisco area.  We ship many dogs overseas.  We have used Jerry and Action Pet Express several times.  It is actually cheaper to ship dogs to him at Dulles and have him further ship on Lufthansa from Dulles, than to use one of the very expensive pet shippers in SFO area.  We easily save over a $1000 and the dogs receive a nice break in the journey at Dulles.  We use United overnight from SFO to IAD.  We strongly recommend you contact Action Pet Express for their suggestions.... They have been a real life saver (AND, money saver)!!

Sincerely, Sam and Linda Williamson   Marin County, CA

Dear Jerry     14 September 2013

As you know, I am an active member of IPATA, in good standing, located in Hong Kong... I want to reach out to your readers and potential clients....  I have worked with you many times and find you and your company beyond reproach.  I have always found you very honest and truly an asset to the pet shipping industry... I totally feel that what IPATA did to you was completely wrong and distastful...
I totally agreee with your comments about the 'movers' and 'shakers' who seem to run IPATA for their greedy selves... I have long ago stopped working with all those you have mentioned on your website.... Your comments about 3rd party pet shippers are 110% correct.... The reason I stay within IPATA is that the vast majority of members are honest and do a very fine job... And, I wish to remain connected to them.  Hang in there.  Better days are coming.... Just around the corner, I guarantee..
I do urge those who read your site, and contact you, to stay with you best they can.  They will receive the best care by following your suggestions....
I must remain  'unknown' for obvious reasons....

Your IPATA friend in Hong Kong.....

Dear Jerry    27 Aug 2013

Recently we moved some family pets from Washington, DC to Germany as part of our PCS move.  I spoke to you several times and was most comfortable to use Action Pet Express.  Then, a busy body friend of ours urged us to use someone else in DC area.  We spoke to them. They were more expensive than you and seemed to NOT be very military friendly.  They so knocked you and your company, we felt that we must change from you and use them.  Oh BOY, what a mistake.  They so messed up the entire move.  Did not give us correct entry requirements for EU. Did not show up in time for pickup that the airline reservation had to be changed.  As I re-read your website more carefully, I can see that every thing you say is so very true.  I have advised our 'friend' to NEVER recommend the firm they did, and to refer to you ONLY.  I am so sorry that we did not follow thru with you.  We are indeed spreading the good word about your services

Sincerely,    Rodger......       Col   USAF  Germany

Jerry       August 15, 2013

Thankyou so much for your great service in transporting our 4 large dogs by road from Lexinton, KY to Philadelphia.  Our relocation company had recommended Pet Relocation in Austin, TX  After speaking with them we knew it would be a BIG mistake to go further with them. Their costs were so far out of line.  Also spoke to some others including one right here in Lexington.  What a God send when we found you.  Splended service!  You should be hearing much more from our relocation company....

Very Best Regards,   Nanci Johanson now in Philly......

Dear Jerry        August 04, 2013

I have recently read your website very carefully.  Much there.  Does seem a bit busy, but really worth the time it takes....
I would like to draw special attention to your page 18 re: IPATA  I encourage others to read this entire page very carefully.  It is interesting that on the IPATA website on their History of IPATA that they do continue to state that IPATA first formed when the mysterious six (6) wisepersons suddenly arrived at the stable (hotel) in Chicago.  They only mention Mrs Woolf, and NOT the others who showed up !  Your site indeed is much more truthful as you lay out what really happened BEFORE the immaculate conception in Chicago.
I took the trouble to actually contact some others and found your account of what really happened that led to the formation of IPATA..It is sad that IPATA can NOT bring themselves around to state the TRUTH...
When one contacts various IPATA members as to complicated pet moves, and gets the various bits of mis-information, it is easy to see that IPATA is really in a state of mass confusion, and most pet shippers that belong really have NO business doing what they say they can do....

Sincerely,    Ryan Simpson   retired U.S.Army

Jerry           July 15, 2013

I too have been, and continue to be, VERY concerned about the pet scams going on.  Your efforts in this regard are commendable!  I do not understand why IPATA does NOTHING to warn the public as to this horrible situation... Their little blurb on their website does nothing.. Recently, I called the new president elect of IPATA at:
Capital Pet Movers, formerly, Shady Springs Pet Relocation in Woodbine, MD  Don't know who I spoke with.  All I know is it was a VERY rude woman... She would not listen to my complaint or concerns.  I wanted to leave a message for the new President, and she hung up on me...  I do have some more ideas and will contact you privately.  Perhaps together, we can get some message out to the public.
Keep up the VERY fine work you are doing...

Sincerely,   Kim Iverson     Bethesda, MD

Dear Jerry        2 Jul 2013

Recently I was scammed by these criminals in Cameroon... Thanks to you I was able to keep this to a minimum.  I took your advice and contacted the 'kind' folks at IPATA.  Was totally blown off by all of them.  Thanks for your efforts to try to curb these scammers

Regards,   Dean Collier    Denver, CO

Attn: Jerry and Action Pet Express        23 Jun 13

I am attached to the U.S. State Department. Recently was posted from Washington DC to South Africa  ZA.  We had two large dogs and two cats   It was unreal the false information we were getting from other pet shippers. Many of whom appear on your website !!  Just as you say, to become a member of IPATA does NOT seem to require any knowledge of the pet shipping industry...  We were told so many different stories.  The office of the new president of IPATA, Capitol Pet Shippers were the worse.. We had to fly KLM and knew the pets must fly as cargo. Only you suggested using SAA  South African Airways.  We saved over a $1000  just using SAA. And, you were the only one to point out that using the labs at Ft Sam Houston would also save us mega dollars.   And, your recommendation of using Menlyn Kennels in ZA was great.  Julius and his family were terrific.... I assure you: The WORD has been spread about your splendid efforts.

Very Best Regards,  Ian McDonald

Dear Action Pet Express     21 June 2013

As you know, we recently PCS'd from Fort Bragg, NC to Germany We had two large dogs to take and could not ship them from RDU My family and I want to thankyou so much for your fine care and expertese with this.  We had contacted several pet shippers including a military veteran shipper in NC  No one had the handle on this that you had. Plus, your charges were so much less.  I do NOT know why any Veteran, or anyone else, would ever want to use anyone else. You drove down to pickup and ship from Dulles on Lufthansa.  Your dedication to details and knowledge  is most appreciated.

Todd Sprague     Sgt   U.S. Army

Dear Jerry and Action Pet Express    June 21, 2013

Four years ago we used Pet Relocation in Austin, TX to assist us with a pet move....  NEVER  AGAIN   So VERY expensive.  We saw NO way that they did anything extra that would warrent the very heavy expense.  Yes.  Their door to door service charges  were very highly INFLATED!  A few months ago we needed to move again. After contacting several other pet shippers, we settled on you.  You were MOST professional, understanding and accommodating.  AND.... the MOST knowledgeable of ALL the others.  And, at a fraction of the charges of all others.  I mean....FRACTION of the charges.......
It is sad that so many relocation companies, moving companies and others do continue to refer to these 3rd party pet shippers.  I know there are serious kickbacks from the pet shippers...  This in itself accounts much for the total expensive charges of these shippers..... As soon as the caller tells the pet shipper that "our company will pay for this" the pet shippers ears stand up.... Oh boy, another sucker, they say to themselves.....
Well. We were MOST pleased with the service of Action Pet Express.....

Sincerely,  Pete and Wanda  M......  Microsoft associate, Seattle, WA  

Jerry      June  20, 2013

Thankyou for adding the new Pet Travel Store scam page to your website.  I was about to purchase some forms from them, then found your site.  You just saved me some hard earned money.  I called Pet Travel Store to discuss this scam and what their feedback might be.  They now say that these forms are only meant to be 'helpful'.   The public can spend much money to find 'helpful' material, that they can also find for FREE !!  It comes as NO surprise that IPATA will do NOTHING.... They just hope the public will not figure this whole larger scam of things out !!  Please do NOT stop your attempt to help pet owners... Thank God for you......  I so encourage others to completely read your site...

Best Regards     LaMar King,  San Jose, CA 

Dear Jerry      June 12, 2013

The DOOR to DOOR service offered  SUCKS....

Just have to add my 2 cents worth.  You are sooo correct.  Prospective pet shippers (pet owners) are so well advised to contact professional pet shippers at either end of their move DIRECTLY, rather than have a 3rd party shipper do it.  We saved over a thousand dollars recently just on this part of the move. We found you and took your advice seriously...  I don't want to single out anyone in particular.  You have covered this well on your site. But, we did contact ALL the well known 3rd party shippers first, so when we contacted pet shippers at both ends, we had a good idea what to ask about and digest....  It is TRUE.. 3rd party shippers DO inflate the prices from the actual people they will use at both ends.  HUGE inflation.....  IPATA members might not like you but we people who have to pay the bills certainly DO like you

Best of Luck,    Frank Kiley and family  Boston to Los Angels

Action Pet Express        June 9, 2013

Last month my family and I relocated from NYC to Los Angeles. We had 3 large dogs and 2 cats to go with us.  We found the IPATA website and went to work. First, contacted (tried to) all pet shippers in NYC area.  Three failed to ever get back to us.  Everyone else seemed to be quite fair and knowledgeable. Then we also contacted several who turned out to be 3rd party shippers (middlemen).  Yes, their prices were MUCH higher.  We settled on one of the 3rd party people. One that is mentioned many times on your site..... This was NOT a good decision for us...
They attempted to avoid itemization, but finally came around. Why did we go with them? Good question? Why? We are still asking the same question.....Good salesmanship.... They made it sound like the way to do things.... We just fell for their crap.... We needed pets picked up before we left, sent to LAX, then to be boarded there for three days before delivery.  Day of pickup from us.  Scroungy, extremly obese person showed up, reaking of smoke.  Turned out to be a courier service, NOT even a pet shipper.  He was huffing and puffing so much, we had to put pets into his van.... Not a good introduction to this 'highly' rated pet relocation service... This company never once contacted us for tracking of our pets even though this was one of their selling points... When we got to Los Angeles we wanted to know status of pet family.  We were never given the name of the people picking them up at LAX, so we never did contact them.  We tried the 3rd party shipper. Was a long weekend, and they never responded for three days.... Finally day of delivery rolled around and pets were delivered in very good shape.  This was done by a pet shipper in Los Angeles.  We later contacted this company to find out what their pickup charge at LAX, boarding, and delivery would have been had we contacted them directly ourselves.  Several hundred dollars LESS than the 3rd party shipper quoted..... Way too late, this time, to contact you.  I totally concur with your  recommendations..... AVOID 3RD PARTY PET SHIPPERS AT ALL COST..... Please listen to what Jerry has to say
We would have clearly saved over $3000 doing it the way Jerry suggests.  And, we would have known exactly who was in charge of our pets at ALL points.....  Yes. We did file a complaint with the 3rd party shipper who fleeced us in the first place. They said they were sorry and offered us a 10% discount next time we moved.  We told them where to put their discount !!!

Sincerely,   Grant Leichman and family     Santa Monica, CA

Dear Action Express      05 June 2013

Thank God for your SCAM info page.... We almost fell victim to Pet Travel Store and their Huge scam of selling worthless pet passports, and other forms.  We almost spent nearly $100 on forms we later found, thanks to you, to be ALL free from the right sources....  As you say, they have a neat little flimflam business going....  They also operate a Pet Shipping service. What a scam this is.  On their website they say they are:
Recommended by the USDA; Department of State, military, and others.   This is ALL a total lie....  Yes, another Ripoff.
It is understood why IPATA people do NOT like you... You are exposing them for what they really are....

Keep up the fine work

Art and Linda Phillips,    Las Vegas, NV

Dear Jerry       June 4, 2013

We are a large dog breeder near Chicago.  We have received several orders for the Caribbean and South American areas.  We contacted several U.S. carriers and found nothing but problems shipping due to temperature, and other restrictions. We also contacted several IPATA pet shippers and they were of NO help.  Then we found YOU.... Thankyou.  Only you suggested using Amerijet, cargo only carrier from Miami.... With the help of your contact in Miami, we are now fully in business !!!  NO ipata person suggested this.  They had their own ways which ended up being VERY outragious in prices.... As you say, and I fully agree with you, MOST  IPATA members seem to be quite unprepared to be pet shippers. And, seem to have making money for themselves being most important. The pet owner be screwed.... Sorry. So blunt; yet, so TRUE

Best Regards, Ben Connely,   Greater Chicago

Action Pet Express    May 30, 2013

I am responding to Linda's email.  I also have had many such experiences.  I am a breeder and show person living in Southern California.  We ship pets ALL the time; also having many shipped into us.  There is NOT one pet shipper in LAX area that I would give a plug nickel for. NONE  Over the years often need to contact someone at night or on a weekend.  NO  CAN  DO !!  I have spoken with Jerry at Action Pet Express. Even though he is 3000 miles away, he has been of such mighty help so many times....  For my money, I would NOT give a dime for ALL the  IPATA pet shippers in the USA...  Some foreign ones have come thru.  My recommendation is to contact Action Pet Express at ALL times for advice and experienced knowledge....  100%........ And, he is a Veteran !!!

Lou Collins   San Fernando Valley, CA    U.S. Army (ret)

Dear Jerry     May 28, 2013

THANKYOU  SO  MUCH for being there for us devoted pet owners.  This past Friday, May 24, an urgent need came up to make travel plans for myself and two dogs.  I live in Denver. I jumped on the internet and sent emails to several 'professional' pet shippers (?) on Friday afternoon. These included: Air Animal in Tampa; Pet Relocation in Texas; Happy Tails in Tucson; Animals Away; and several others.  The very first reply did NOT arrive until late on Tuesday.    Saturday morning I came upon your website and sent you an email.  Heard back from you within 10 minutes....... Thank God for you.  Don't these other firms care at all about peoples loved pets?  You say your are available 24 hrs every day, and YOU  ARE !!  Thanks for seeing me thru this most difficult situation.....  Yes, this was Memorial Day weekend, but pet travel emergencies can come up anytime
Yes, I also tried calling these above horrible people and got voice mails saying they would return the call asap... Not soon enough for my needs.  You did.  Thanks again......

Linda Carlson


This past February I decided to move to England. Now, I had to make arrangements for my two terriors as well. Where to start. I stumbled upon IPATA .  What an awful exerience that was.  I got quotes of from $2700 to $5600,  Pet Relocation in Austin, TX being the MOST expensive... Every single person I spoke with said the dogs MUST travel ONLY as cargo from USA to UK... Also, ALL said I MUST use an IPATA pet travel agent.  Both of these statements turned out to be TOTAL lies.... Spoke with some airlines as well.  Two major airlines suggested I contact Action Pet Express.  What a fine exerience this was speaking with Jerry.  He advised that if I were going directly to UK from USA, yes, the dogs would need to travel as cargo, only.  But here is the difference.  Since I was also going to England, why not take the dogs as excess baggage via the continent ? Yes. Why not?  I did indeed go this way on KLM to Amsterdam then by ferry to England.  This, in itself, saved me a couple thousand dollars. What fun.  Worked so well. And as I discovered, at NO time did I ever need to use an IPATA screwball.... After my plans were all set, I had some time on my hands.  Called some of these other pet shippers back, and they ALL said, NO I could not do it this way. Had to be as cargo only.  Well, they were wrong....
I also took time to call IPATA headquarters and asked why they continue to refuse membership to the one honest pet shipper out there, and they nearly had a heart attack.....
I was able to do the whole thing myself as far as KLM was concerned so there was NO charge from Jerry and Action Pet Exp.
My advice is to NOT pay the huge prices of these IPATA pet shippers as you are paying for: lies, lack of service and inaptitude.

Thankyou, Jerry

Ralph Cambridge    16 May 2013

Thanks so much...... Daniel Lennon, now in San Diego    May 3, 2013

Dear Action Pet Express       29 Apr 13

Thankyou so much for advising who the greedy pet shippers are who transport defenseless
helpless animals to the experimental labs....... I had made arrangements with a large pet shipping company.  Then came across your site and found their name listed.  I immediately cancelled with them.  Turned out you were able to help me and saved me mega bucks as well

I can not say enough good things about how you made all arrangements and followed thru with ALL details.

Most Sincerely,  Kathy Monroe    Santa Fe, NM

Dear Jerry     April 24, 2013

I so want to get this to you and onto your webpage... Earlier this month I arrived at Dulles from Amsterdam with my four cats, in tow, as excess baggage; and you helped me with delivery to southern Virginia.  Thankyou SO much.... You saved me several thousands of dollars....
When I was re-searching this, while still in Netherlands, I contacted all the IPATA members there, as well as several in USA, including Pet Relo in Texas....  All provided VERY high cargo charges.  Not a single one suggested I bring as excess baggage, which is of course, much cheaper.  Only when I finally came across your site and contated you, and you urged me to do this as ex bag.  You were so helpfull with ALL details and handling.
You are so correct:  Many  IPATA members are so very greedy and do NOT provide as much information as they should or could. 

Most Sincerely,   Kim Browne          Richmond, VA

Dear ALL Pet Owners    19 Apr 2013

Recently, we had Action Pet Express, ship our two dogs and two cats from Dulles airport in Washington DC to South Africa.  We had been referred to IPATA Pet Shippers as a good place to begin.  I might say, this is a good place to NEVER go to !!  Really many ripoffs outhere to take BAD care of you.....
Having contacted all the IPATA people in D.C. area, including Philadelphia and Newark, and some others, we almost gave up taking our pets due to the VERY expensive nature of this move.  We also contacted several pet shippers in ZA, and three of them, even though they also belonged to IPATA, recommended we contact Action Pet Express as being the most honest and fair pet shipper in the area....
Only Jerry advised us to use Ft Sam Houston to do the lab work necessary for our dogs.  This alone saved us several hundred dollars.  He also is the only one to advise using South African Airlines.  This also saved us over two thousand dollars over using Lufthansa or KLM. Both are very fine airlines, but in this case, much more expensive than SAA
I would highly recommend everyone contact Action Pet Express in their search for an excellent pet shipping option, worldwide.....
Thankyou, so very much Jerry.....

Monty Wilson, now in Durbin, ZA

Dear Action Pet Express     March 20, 2013

Recently we made arrangements to have our very large dog shipped from Germany to our new home in Reno, Nevada.   Yes.  We did make a HUGE mistake and hired Pet Relocation in Austin, TX......  They did their job fine.  However, the expense was out of this world.  As you say, they had to contact a pet shipper in Frankfurt. Also, another one in San Francisco to deliver to us by road.  After all was said and done, we did contact each shipper directly and found out, like you say, had we contacted them directly in the beginning, we would have saved nearly $5000..... Yes.  $5000 savings..... Pet Relocation did absolutely NOTHING that we could not have done ourselves, with the help of the pet shippers at both ends who had to be used anyway.... We were referred to PetRelo by a moving company, and our employer.  No doubt a huge kickback was sent to the moving company....

Please no name as I do NOT want my boss to get mad at me......

Dear Jerry and Action Pet Express      14 Mar 13

I just want to pass on to your readers how very correct you are in your comments about:
Pet Relocation in Austin, Texas.  Does seem they are just too BIG to really be able to follow thru, especially when problems arise.  This past January we contracted with them to move two dogs and two cats from New York City to Jakarta.  Why we did not listen to you and contact shippers at both ends I will never know.  I do know that we would NEVER use them again.. Some problems developed late on Friday with the airline.  We placed several phone calls and emails to our 'special and dedicated' agent at Pet Relo. (What a bunch of crap this was)  Never heard back until later on Monday.  By that time, we ourselves had things worked out. Pets were all safe, NO thanks to Pet Relocation... And, of course, this all cost us a fortune over what we would have paid had we listened to you and dealt with the pet shippers at both ends ourselves.   There is absolutely NO good reason to use a middleman, just as you say.....

Best Regards      R.C.K.

Dear Jerry    27 Feb 2013 

Today I received my daily comic page, aka  Blog from Austin, Tx.  Jaime (if indeed there is a real person) inquired as to shipping her Lab to Nairobi.  PetRelo recommended using KLM.  When we were planning our own trip to NBO several months ago, we had contacted PetRelo.  They wanted over $5000 to ship our medium size dog in a #300 intermediate kennel. They never did fully itemize the charges.  We contacted you and you shipped to us using Lufthansa. Their total charges from D.C. to NBO was just under $1000  Then your charges were around $600 as you had to make several trips to the vet with Maxie. And, you fully itemized everything.  We knew at the time that PetRelo did NOT have an office in D.C. area and that they would need to hire someone here.  They refused to tell us who they would use, so we had no one to communicate with on the local scene.  Why any pet owner would use such a service is beyond me....
You are so correct in your opinion of 3rd party shippers.  Total waste of vast amounts of money.  There is NOTHING they could do that you could not do. And, at so much less cost of the 3rd party pet shipper....
Please... No name due to sensitive nature of our work.....

Dear Jerry and Action Pet Express     26 February 2013

This past September while still in Southern California I did considerable research into getting our three large dogs from Los Angeles to Germany because our family was pcsing there in the Army, and could not take them with us.  We were led to IPATA.  What a mistake!  Contacted ALL the pet shippers in LAX area, and several others nationwide.  Just could NOT believe the high prices, and, general lack of knowledge... Then, by the Grace of God, came across your website.... You literally saved us from $3000 to $7000 based on the estimates from the other shippers.... No one else told us we could arrange ourselves.  You did the booking on Lufthansa, and never charged us a dime..... Our family was able to take the dogs to Lufthansa Cargo and ship to us from LAX.....  Why the others are so dishonest I do not know.??
I would so encourage ALL prospective pet owners to contact you before arranging with any other pet shipper.  

James Kahn      LtCol  U.S.Army

I so applaud your every effort to bring to the attention of the public, the extreme ripoff tactics of Pet Relocation in Austin, TX   I received their email blog today and just could not resist any longer to add my thoughts.  Today they quoted 'Kellie' who had shipped a dog from Perth, AU some two years or so ago to Toronto, Canada.  She states that a firm in AU had used Pet Relo to assist. This has to be the most asinine thing I have ever heard of!!  Why use a third party pet shipper in USA to assist in a move between two other countries? Then, Kellie used Pet Relo to arrange shipment of dog back to Perth from Toronto.  This type of move had to end up costing Kellie many thousands of dollars EXTRA....  Kellie, who apparantly is an expat from AU is quoted using temperatures both in AU and CA in Fahrenheit.  Certainly she would have quoted in Celsius as the metric system in used both in Canada and Australia....  I think this whole blog is a made up phony set of fantasies..... It would have been so much MORE cost effective to use a pet shipper in Toronto to ship back to AU....
Then, another item on today's blog involved someone who wanted info on shipping a pet from South Africa to Dubai, AUE   Pet Relo again tried to push their door to door service onto these people.  How rediculous..... You, Jerry, do the most honest thing by suggesting people contact pet shippers directly both at point of origin and destination of the pet travel.  Afterall, these are the very people Pet Relo must contact for their door to door service.  Certainly your approach saves pet owners many thousands of dollars....
You have helped me several times on pet moves, and truly believe you are the most honest pet shipper in the industry.
Regards.   Lynn Carlton,    Los Angeles, Calif

Dear Jerry      February 21, 2013
URGENT  Notice to ALL pet owners planning a pet relocation.... PLEASE pay attention to the SUPER Good advice offered by Jerry and Action Pet Express
Recently while living in upstate New York my family and I needed to make plans for our pet move to Southern California.  We came across IPATA and several 3rd party pet shippers. As
Jerry points out, these people are truly RIPOFFS..... The price quotes were un-godly. The so
called door to door services were highly inflated. We found Jerry's website and decided to call him.  Best move we could have ever made.  He put us into touch with a local pet shipper and one in California.  These companies were able to handle our complete pet relocation at a fraction of the cost of the 3rd party shippers.  What more could we ask for?  And, Jerry charged us NOTHING for his advice and help....
True.... Anytime a middleman is used, your costs go skyhigh.  Avoid the 3rd party pet shipper.
Just contact Action Pet Express and they will show you the best direction....

Dear Jerry and Action Pet Express Staff     14 Feb 2013

I wish to convey to you, and all other pet owners, our deepest gratitude for your extreme care and assistance in our recent pet family move to Europe.  Being a Foreign Service member, and having made similar moves in the past, you are by far the BEST pet shipper we have ever encountered...  We had also contacted some other pet shippers suggested by State... Let me just say: We certainly made the correct decision by using you.... Best of luck

Arthur .......

Jerry    10 Feb 2013

Hope I can bring some very important information to other military members, as well as all others.
Recently we PCS'd to CONUS from your old stamping grounds; Kleber Kaserne in Kaiserslautern.  When we received orders couple months ago, we sort of hit the panic button, as we have four rather large dogs and no room was available on the Patriot Express for them.  We searched the internet. First one we came across was the firm in Tucson that you VERY rightly warn against. Prices and info was so out of sight... Woman we spoke with did not even know what a Kaserne is .... Can you believe this?  Contacted some others in USA. Also with very poor results.  We had also contacted the two pet shippers at Frankfurt and hoped there would be some way to avoid their out of this universe expense....  Then we heard of you here at the Kaiserslautern Military Community.  Thanks to the Living God for this.  NO  ONE, other than you, pointed out the workable options.... We saved MUCH money, and stress, with your suggestions.  We bought our teenage son a ticket on Lufthansa, he brought all four dogs with him as excess baggage. You met him and the dogs at Dulles, drove to meet us at BWI, and we were able to rent a van and continue our journey to Raleigh, NC   As you mention, the door to door services offered by these other pet shippers is nothing but a ripoff.....
Might also mention we contacted a former military person and their pet shipping service in Raleigh.  This is certainly one to be avoided due to super high prices.
Also, thanks for serving our country....

Best Regards,  MSgt   Bryan Livingston,   U.S. Army

Dear Jerry     01 Feb 13

Wanted to thank you so  much for our recent conversation  regarding the article I am doing on Pet Travel and Relocation...
I am so glad I stumbled upon your website.   At first I wondered what you were all about.?? Then, when I followed up by contacting many of the pet shippers you mentioned, I then wondered why you were so nice ? Wow. There are some real wild ripoffs out there, just like you say...
The wildest one of all is certainly: Happy Tails Pet Travel in Tucson.   How do they stay in business? I tried to find out how they could possibly justify charging $825 just to speak with me? That is just for the first pet.  Each additional pet on the same airbill, same family, same flight, they charge another $600    My God, are they crazy? And to think people pay this..... And, they go on to say on their www site that an international move can take at least 4 weeks to prepare.... They simply must not know what they are doing...
You told me that most international shipments can be arranged within 48 to 72 hours, and you proved it to me.
Watch for my article. It will blow the lid off of this craziness the IPATA pet shippers have going.

Sincerely,  Liz Oppenheimer,  New York City

Jerry        January 29, 2013

Let me add my support for your attempt to get across the huge door to door SCAM promoted by so many pet shippers....  I lived in San Francisco area.
I needed to get my three dogs and two cats from SFO to Washington, DC last month.  Before I even knew of you, I had contacted several of the 3rd party shippers, and they all quoted such huge estimates for the door to door.  I then contacted the various pet shippers in SFO area directly, as well as several in the D.C. area (not you yet, as I only had those named on the ipata pages)  I did find that by contacting the pet shippers at both locations directly, that I would be saving a couple thousand dollars.  Unbelievable !!  Also, I had been led to believe by some of the pet shippers that I would need to use a pet shipper in SFO. That I could not do this myself.... Another lie.... I spoke with an agent at United airlines cargo PetSafe, and he suggested I contact you. Wow. What a great person.... You advised me how to ship on United from SFO and then you handled the transport from Dulles to Arlington, VA   All in all, you saved me much more money; and with such outstanding service....
Thanks again.....
Kim Walters   Now of Washington, DC area

Dear Jerry     Jan 24, 2013

I live in Los Angeles and my mother lives in Salt Lake City, UT.  Recently I needed to help her get her large dog from SLC to Orlando, FL  I had contacted all of the pet shippers in Los Angeles (from the ipata page) and ALL wanted to get involved with their door to door service.  HUGE expense... I also contacted Puppy Travel in SLC.  Forget this one.... I was at my wits end. Then I called Delta Airlines and the very nice lady suggested I contact you as you do have a great reputation for honesty and assistance.  With your help I contacted a pet sitter in SLC who welcomed the opportunity to take the dog to the airport for us.  My mother's friends were able to pickup at Orlando airport.  So... This is the answer to the super high prices these pet shippers wanted for their door to door service.  A HUGE ripoff, just like you say.
And, your help cost us nothing....  Thanks so much

Jan Williams    Santa Monica, CA

Action Pet Express, and Jerry     18 Jan 2013

Thankyou so much for your scam alert regarding: Pet Travel Store... You just saved me BIG money.  I am planning a trip to Europe with my two dogs and was about to invest in their 'pet passports' and other forms.  They told me how important it was for me to have all these for each country... I was about to spend over $70   Then I came upon your very informative website.  I rechecked with them with the info you provided.  They finally caved in and told me the truth.  I am going to report them to the BBB, and anyone else I can think of.  Such a ripoff !  Just think, an airline certificate that has NO purpose.  Everything about them totally stinks....

Best to you and everything you are doing on behalf of us innocent pet owners.

Liz Montoya,   New Mexico

Dear Friends at Action Pet Express    Jan 4, 2013

Indeed, you are a God send.   Thanks for being out there in a sea of dis-honest money grabbing, greedy pet shippers...  I read your site, very carefully, page for page.  Yes, at first, you did sound a bit disgruntled.. Quite bitter.... As I contacted many other pet shippers (IPATA members mostly. Also Cos Canine Carriers)  I just could not believe the B.S. they spouted... Then I contacted you.  Was not going to at first. You just could not have been correct... Oh, was I wrong about you....  I so encourage ALL others to NOT be put off by your website.   Please.... DO contact Jerry and Action Pet Express.  Do contact the others as well. Then, just compare.  Jerry, you are the greatest....

Most Sincerely,  Joan Iverson,  Chicago, IL


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