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URGENT:   Pet Scams

Do you REALLY want to trust your beloved pets to a Pet Shipping company whose own employees have the following to say?

Why pay Happy Tails in Tucson over $800 for a consultation (we are FREE)? They want 30 days to do a booking.  We can usually do within 48 hours

BEWARE!! Pet shippers who refuse to Itemize  This is how they rip you off for MEGA  BUCKS  We ALWAYS completely  ITEMIZE  ALL  Charges

Pet Travel Store in Ft Lauderdale sells worthless paperwork  Read Page 29  These people are REAL ripoff artists!! 

Be sure to read page 4 about 3rd Party Pet Shippers..

Avoid these scam artists at ALL costs... Save yourself thousands of dollars!! Read the Full Page....

  Pet Travel Store in Ft Lauderdale, FL has a nice little SCAM going..Selling WORTHLESS "Pet Passports" for every country in the WORLD...  The truth is: NO Country other than the EU accepts Pet Passports.... Pet Travel Store will sell you a Pet Passport for USA.... NO Such thing exists...  In the EU, ONLY Veterinarians issue Pet Passports..  Pet Travel Store is a TOTAL  RIPOFF.   See what we have more to say about this ripoff company on  page 2 of our site..... Also p. 29

MOST Pet Shippers will try to provide a quote to you, WITHOUT asking for maximum outside 3 dimensions of EACH kennel. If they do this, then you know this is a RIPOFF.  Dimensions, as well as Actual weight of each pet AND kennel, is essential in order to provide a honest shipping cost estimate.... DEMAND a complete ITEMIZATION of ALL charges....

DOOR  TO  DOOR Service = BIG  BANG  RIPOFF to You....
The door to door services promoted by most 3rd party shippers is a HUGE ripoff, and SHOULD be AVOIDED.... They jack up the quotes they get from the people who will actually be doing the transport.... p.4
   You can CONTACT  DIRECTLY  the very same local petshippers and save MEGA bucks......

WOW ... Another attempt to Rip You Off .. Beware
Schumacher Cargo Logistics !!  Seems to have a business connection to Pet Relocation in Austin, TX  You can expect to pay Super Mega Bucks to use these two companies....
Come on.... You MUST learn to avoid these 3rd party RIPOFFS..

Watch Out... Another scam pet shipper: RockStarPetMovers

Relocation Service Fees are another MAJOR  RIPOFF by many pet shippers. These are fees just to talk with you.  They are NOT applied to your job..  We speak to you for FREE... We make NO consultation or booking fees...  You might think you are getting something extra by paying these fees....  You are. Just more B.S...... Happy Tails in Tucson is a major player in this Relocation Consultation fee  RIP OFF   seems to be a scam.......


A  VERY serious situation exists. Puppies (who do NOT even exists) are being offered for sale on the internet.  Innocent people are asked to send money by western union. Then there is NO way to trace. Emails are exchanged and the 'New Owner' thinks someone like myself will be delivering the pup.  And, there is NO pup. Most of these scams originate in Cameroon and Nigeria. Many of these ads appear on   DO NOT RESPOND The internet is overflowing with scam alerts.  Read some for yourself.

search for:   puppyfind    puppy find   puppy scams   puppy dog scam in cameroon   (click on scam alert)    then search: pet scams       SEARCH:   internet fraud then, search for: Pet Scams   

These scams include, but not limited to: dogs, cats, monkeys, birds of all kinds !!

Shipping Pets to IRELAND!!!
Aer Lingus insists that you MUST do pet move bookings thru:
Pet Express in San Francisco ONLY.... This will be super expensive for you. Avoid using this firm... Ship your pets to Ireland on: British Air, Lufthansa, United or Delta.... Will be MUCH cheaper for you.  You can quite often do your own booking.  If you need help, we will book for you at NO  CHARGE.

 Be VERY cautious assigning your pet travel needs to companys such as:
UShip and Citizen Shipper !!  They put your pet's travel out for bids. Often shady
characters respond because they need drug money.... Your pets sometimes do not reach their destination.  UShip currently shows 40 complaints with BBB in past 3 yrs. Also, 21 complaints just within past 12 months.  Would you trust someone like this?  Read page 13 of this website......

ALSO:  Be sure to read page 27 : Expose of Pet Relocation in Austin, TX  and
Page 28: Expose of Happy Tails Travel in Tucson, Arizona.  You just might avoid Major ripoffs.

A Major 3rd party shipper is located in Kansas City, MO   Named: Pet Air, aka flypets...
Really has some wild gimmicks to look out for: Preferred Customer Shipping Specials;
Select City Specials; White Glove Service.    You will pay VERY heavely with this company.
They must also use outsourced pet shippers in cities other than Kansas City.  I still advocate contacting pet shippers, yourself, in cities of origin and/or destination.  You will save mega bucks doing so... This company also arranges transportation for innocent animals to the experimental labs !

Still best, in most cases, to visit: and find pet shippers yourself in the cities you need to use.....  This is what 3rd party shippers do, then, charge you mega bucks for their 'service'....

You will do yourself a MAJOR service if you take time to read page 4  regarding:
3rd Party Pet Shippers.....
You will in nearly ALL cases save thousands of dollars by NOT using these thieves.....  It is a rather long page, BUT, well worth your time, and money savings .........

One of the more  egocentric  members of the 3rd party pet shipper clan within: IPATA is: AIR ANIMAL in Tampa, FL. Owned by a Veterinarian. They continue to promote the fact that they are an IATA AirCargo Agency; and, endorsed and appointed by Cargo Network Services..... Of course this is all bunk..... Being a member of these organizations does NOTHING to assist you with pet shipping. They may use this to justify their super expensive program ...  They too are available ONLY with banker's hours: 9 to 5 weekdays..... What do you do when you need to contact them with an urgent question during OFF hours?
So interesting that they attempt to provide pet shipping to our Military, and use Military terms; while having NO veterans on their staff !!! At least, if they do, they are NOT proud enough to announce this.....  I AM a proud veteran.......

I might add that, Air Animal, owned by Dr Woolf, a Veterinarian, actively solicits transportation of innocent live animals to Experimental Labs....  see page 23
This should certainly cause you to re-consider using any of these firms on p. 23 ...

I do NOT know why  IPATA continues to ignore you and the request to address the SCAM issues??
I am adding  more ipata contacts for you....
Barbara DeBry, treasurer for ipata  tel: 801.541.1731

Derek Huntington, newly elected ipata President    443.340.8566  
Derek wants to hear from you as he wants to help get rid of the scammers.  He also transports defensless animals to Experimental Laboratories...!

Sally Smith - ipata President  908.303.4656  908.684.1844

Dr Walter Woolf - Air Animal, Tampa, FL 813.251.1419  813.390.3256

Gay O'Brien, Past Pres  ipata  650.342.0677   650.642.5719

NOTE:  Sally, Walter and Gay  ALL transport defensless animals to Experimental Laboratories......

IPATA could do SO much if they only cared !!!

URGENT  NOTICE:   IPATA now wants to STOP excess baggage pet shipments.  They want to enforce CARGO  ONLY  pet shipments. And, they want it mandatory that ONLY  IPATA members be used.... Your costs will Skyrocket..... We have the documentation that proves this.....



ANIMAL LAND PET MOVERS of Atlanta, GA  continues to advertise that they have offices in Hong Kong, Johannesburg, London, Los Angeles, and Sydney.  This is a  GIANT  TOTAL   LIE !!  They ONLY have an office in Atlanta.  They consider the fact they belong to ipata that they can consider other ipata members as their own offices.  IPATA is aware of this mis-adventure but refuses to address the issue.

 For those of you who have been scammed, or, nearly scammed, and for those who think no one should ever be scammed:  PLEASE contact the following people at IPATA  and ask why ipata does NOT do something more constructive about putting a stop to these scammers......

Sally Smith, current Pres of ipata: 888.773.5767 or 908.303.4656
Walter Woolf, next Pres of ipata: 813.390.3256 or 813.251.1419
BJ McGee scam person at ipata: 903.769.2847
Kristy Scott ipata adm.ass't  559.925.1109
Kim ipata communications: 789.223.4042

NEW  ADVISORY  dated 11 Feb 2012

BE  VERY  cautious of:   This just came to our attention and is VERY suspecious........ 

If asked to buy insurance, or, any kind of  'refundable' insurace is 'required', rest assured it is a SCAM......

WITH TEL. # OF 719.391.7447

The following email was from  Beverly Hills Puppies.  They are apparently a VERY big Puppy Mill operation...  Something to be avoided totally !!!  I tried to alert IPATA to this.  I sent this to both: Dr Walter Woolf of Air Animal in Tampa; and to: Jack Russo of Bobbies World in Ft Lauderdale.  Both of these firms should be AVOIDED  AT  ALL  COST !!  They are NOT interested in your welfare.  ONLY, charging you VERY high charges, and are NOT interested in addressing the scam and puppy mill issues !!

Lisa Schoppa is with Continental Airlines.  You can read what she had to say. And, my response.  No further response from her!

I can NOT address this issue all by myself!  Once you the public help by demanding that IPATA get involved maybe something can be done....  And, it appears that Walter Woolf will be the next president of IPATA ....

Lisa states that IPATA is doing something...... Hell No.  They are doing NOTHING to get the word out to the public....

    ----- Original Message ----- From: Action Pet Express To: Schoppa, Lisa Sent: Sunday, February 27, 2011 7:39 PM Subject: Re: puppy transport
Dear Lisa Thanks much for your response.  I really do value your opinions. I have already received 6 positive responses; your's is the only negative one. In the email to Walter and Jack, I did ask a question:  Wonder if Walter had any knowledge of the 3 veterinarians listed as testimonials. I could not find them listed in FL or USA.  I am sure that both partys had access to this email from me.  A positive note would have been some response from them.  I truly did not, and do not, expect any response from them. But, I tried.... I do take issue with your comments about IPATA doing ANYTHING to alert the public about scams.  Yes, they do have a small blurb on their website, as do many members.  Again, do not think many people see this until it is too late. While a member of IPATA, at least 6 to 7 yrs ago, I contacted Cherie about my concerns.  She made it very clear to me that IPATA was too busy to take this on, and if I was so interested, then I should contact some news services.  ONLY, after some top members got their websites copied by the scammers did IPATA take notice, but then, only with some blurbs on their website.  I was never told that IPATA took any major steps in this direction.  And, this was while I was still a member. If you view my scam page on my website, p. 8, you will see that on 29 Dec 2010 I sent an email to BJ McGee at IPATA.  She is supposed to be in charge of scams ??  This was while IPATA was still accepting emails from me.  THERE  NEVER  WAS A RESPONSE FROM HER, OR ANYONE.  PERIOD.  Even if I was not an IPATA member at the time, IPATA might have addressed my concerns as this is an issue that affects us ALL.  It was after this NO  RESPONSE that I decided to go public.....  Then, IPATA and Sally Smith decided to stop accepting emails from me.  And you say I am negative!!!!  Who is burying their head in the sand ?? Reporting these scams to local law enforcement!!  My goodness, my friend.  Do you think this does any good ? Hope you are sharper than that.... I'm surprised at you......What has IPATA done to alert people about these scams ?  If they had done anything why could BJ not just send me a short note as to what they had done, then I would have not gone further.... I don't have a struggle with IPATA, but they seem to have one with me....Supportave messages ?  I contend that I refer MORE business to the 'little' IPATA member out there in the world than anyone else.  The 3rd party shippers often uses couriers rather than regular IPATA members.  I do NOT.  Many of the members on this email receive many referrals from me.  I just hope some will speak up...... I thought from the beginning that as a strong organization, IPATA would have more clout, and could contact major news services about the scam situation.  Maybe they did, but who knows about it?  And if so, why did IPATA not have the courtisy to let me know.  With all the "negative" material I am supposed to have on my website, where are the law suits?  I dare anyone to show that anything I have said is incorrect.  Show me and I will discontinue.  Anyway, Lisa, I still luv you and I wish to note here, so others can read it, that you have really helped me in the past with some issues regarding CO, and am sure you have done so for many people.  You are the one person in the airline industry who really seems to care and you are there when we need you..... And, I do appreciate your comments.  Maybe as a result of all this, we can again come together....Hope so Best Regards, Jerry Mishler  

----- Original Message ----- From: Schoppa, Lisa To: Action Pet Express Sent: Sunday, February 27, 2011 6:39 PM Subject: Re: puppy transport
Jerry I normally stay quiet when you copy me on these emails, but I felt a need to address this one. 
First, you sent an email to Walter and Jack on a Saturday afternoon and then wonder why they haven't immediately answered you by noon on Sunday.  Frankly, your message seemed more informational...I wasn't't sure it required a response.... And I certainly wouldn't expect one within 24 hrs on a weekend!
Second, IPATA has done more work toward telling people about these scams and reporting them to local law enforcement than any other group I know!  To say it's falling on deaf ears is ludicrous.  
I wish you well in your endeavors and I thank you for your support of CO but I think these types of emails are exactly why you struggle with IPATA.   Try supportive messages instead of slamming members and assuming you know what they're thinking or what their actions will be.  
Good luck... And we will all keep fighting the scammers.  Thanks. 
Lisa Schoppa Sent from my iPad

Well, Lisa, it's been 8 months since this correspondence !  Today is 25 Oct 2011.  STILL nothing from Walter Woolf, Jack Russo, you, or anyone else associated with IPATA.  You say it is ludicrous for me to say this has fallen on deaf ears...... Well, just what has ipata done?  Their little notation on their website does NOTHING !! I still say some major news flashes by the major newspapers and tv services is a good place to start.  What has ipata done to provide this?
Sincerely, Jerry    Action Pet Express

On Feb 27, 2011, at 2:26 PM, "Action Pet Express" <> wrote:

Dear IPATA Members I sent the following email to both Walter Woolf and Jack Russo, as they are both in Florida, and thought they might be interested.  I sent this with the BEST of intentions.  I have heard nothing back I know there are many serious problems between IPATA and myself.  I wish this was NOT the case.  At the time of my dismissal from IPATA, Scott Lambert had made several phone calls to me and I told him I would make adjustments to my website, and he said he would pass it on to the Ethics committee.  Seems Walter and several others really wanted me out and that was it.  I do NOT think it has worked out the best for IPATA.  I hope perhaps, some of you might bring some pressure on to IPATA to bring me back in.  Of course, I totally agree to make proper adjustments to my website, perhaps with the assistance of some special IPATA committee.?? IPATA and I have too much in common to have this separation.  As most of you know, I continue to promote IPATA members and continue to refer clients to you.  I do NOT have a problem with IPATA.  I am sorry that the administration, and Sally Smith have deemed it desirable to refuse to accept emails from me.  I do have a very positive thoughts regarding the pet shipping industry.  Afterall, I am a founding member even though the administration continues to deny this. The pet scam business is SO active.  I receive many calls and emails everyday.  It seems that all my efforts to get IPATA to address this issue fall on deaf ears. If they do address it, they do NOT let me know about it so I could stop making references to this on my website. This email I sent to Walter and Jack is apparently a major puppy mill with many complaints.  I simply thought that IPATA should be made aware of this and might be able to help alert the membership, and also the general public. I do want to go on record as trying to mend fences with IPATA, as I do consider you all as friends, and working partners.  As the old saying goes, it would be better to have me on the inside rather than on the outside fighting, etc. There should be some opportunity for members to voice different opinions, etc.  That is what I tried to do then was ousted without an opportunity to defend myself, and to make the changes that Scott Lambert said would satisfy everyone and I would have stayed in. In any event, I wish you all well, and will continue to refer to you whenever I can. Most sincerely, Jerry Mishler    From: Martin Leon

Sent: Saturday, February 26, 2011 1:39 PM
Subject: Re: puppy transport

Sent: Saturday, February 26, 2011 10:28 AM
Subject: Fw: puppy transport
TIME  OUT,  PLEASE      I found the following so distressing that I thought I would direct this to you all directly.  I would have forwarded
to IPATA, as well, but as you know they do NOT accept emails from me any longer.
I checked out all these phone #'s and all seem to be inactive.  I did NOT try calling them.  Checked out ALL phone #'s and names in
FL as well as USA, and nothing. on SuperPages... The 678 Area code is in Georgia!!  Wonder if Walter knows of any of these veterinarians?  None showed up......
This scam thing is soooo out of control.    I did NOT click on anything contained within this email.  Typed everything by itself.
Don't know if any IPATA members might have received this.  Just thought you might be interested.
Most Sincerely,    Jerry Mishler

To: Sent: Saturday, February 26, 2011 8:48 AM Subject: puppy transport

We are looking for ground transportation to ship our English and French bulldog puppies.

My name is Martin Leon and am with Beverly Hills Puppies, Inc., BH Kennels, Inc. and Mauiexpo Kennel, Inc.      We are breeders and sellers of English bulldog puppies and French bulldog puppies.    We ship between 25 to 60 puppies per month throughout the USA.

Because of recent developments with certain airlines are no longer accepting puppies for transportation.      We are looking for alternative means to ship our puppies.

Please let us know if you provide this services and your rates.

Thank you for your time.

"Marty" Roy Leon, B.S., J.D., LL.M
Gloria Elena Leon
Gus Loro, D.V.M.
Leonti Bulldosky, D.V.M.
Eleni Perruska, D.V.M.
Please visit our Website:


Pet Scams are  BIG business.  VERY  VERY  Big Business

Many pet shippers have warnings on their websites.  Even ipata has one
It does NO good....... By the time the public sees these warnings they have already
been scamed.  It does NO good to report these scams to the FBI, Secret Service, TSA, or any authority!  There is NOTHING really that can be done to stop them,  UNLESS you, the public do the following:   I am VERY  serious

Contact:  Kim Cunningham at:   tel: 781.223.4042  fax: 903.769.2847
       She is the Public Relations person

        B.J. McGee    the Pet Scam person at ipata
              tel   903.769.2847    fax   903.769.2867

        Sally Smith, the Pres of ipata   1.888.773.5767  cp  1.908.303.4656

         Walter Woolf wants to hear from you also as he is on the Public Relations Com  tel 813.251.1419  cp 813.390.3256

As individuals, we can do little.  The Professional (?) organization called: IPATA could do something.  Something they have refused to do.

For several years, while still a member of ipata, I urged them, as an organization, to contact news groups, such as:  CNN, MSNBC, even Fox etc.  Newspapers such as: USAToday; Wash Post; NY Times, etc etc

The idea being to get some major blurbs out there to the public.  Only with public awareness, might these scams be eliminated.   Ipata just might have the power to get
this word out.   I have NO idea why they have refused to do so......

Action Pet Express is the leading pet shipping service for State Department employees
pcsing around the world.  We have sent pets to new employees at the U.S. Embassies
in Cameroon and Nigeria Where most of these scams originate.  They report back that they are NOT able to help in this matter.  The governments in those countries are so corrupt.   PLEASE   Everyone.  Let's MAKE  IPATA  get involved.....

On 29 Dec 2010 I sent an email to B.J. McGee who is in charge of scams at IPATA  headquarters asking what has ipata done lately to inform the public regarding the pet scam problem.  As of now, there has been NO reply ....
I strongly feel that ipata has always been in a position to contact public news services to provide some sort of warning news items to the general
public about how to protect oneself from these scams.  I have always felt
ipata owed something to the general public other than taking their money !
I sincerely feel that YOU, the potential client, SHOULD  BOYCOT  ALL  IPATA
members until such time their organization takes a stand, and does something positive regarding warning the public. !!  Something other than
their little hardly visable note on their website......


B.J.McGEE      Scam person at IPATA  Headquarters

Dear BJ
What has, or is, ipata doing regarding the Pet Scam outrageous situation?  You know my feelings !  You know what I have tried to do !  What are YOU doing??
IPATA continues to ignore me and my concerns.....   In the end, this will only harm IPATA to major extents..   Won't hurt me.   Will only help me......
I know you take your orders from Cherie, walter, kevin and a very few others. 
Just today, a consumer sent me another scam website and email address.  This one mentioned ipata many times.  Claimed to be IPATA......   I used to send these
to Cherie, but no longer !
The public will soon know much more about ipata, and how very worthless ipata is when it comes to the welfare of the consumer.  It is now ONLY in business to
promote: walter woolf, pet relocation, and a couple other firms.  Soon the ipata membership will finally realize what you are doing.  Then your lucrative jobs will be in
danger.  This is NOT a threat.   Just reality.....
So     What has ipata done lately to inform the public about pet purchase scams?  The ball is now in YOUR court......
Most Sincerely,    Jerry



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