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Global Pet Transportation at a MUCH lower cost than IPATA pet shippers

24 hour Ground (Door to Door) Dog, Cat and other Pet Animal Delivery

Airline Information

American Airlines • Continental • Delta  • United • USAIR
We provide pickup and/or delivery to the 3 major airports in our area: Dulles, Washington National (Reagan), and Baltimore International. DULLES is our preference. Our over the road service area extends to: all Virginia, all Maryland, all Delaware, southern New Jersey, southeast Pennsylvania, and eastern West Virginia.

Airline personnel normally notify the pilot that there are live animals aboard. As an extra precaution, we ALWAYS type on the airbill, "NOTIFY PILOT OF LIVE ANIMALS ON BOARD". On ALL shipouts, we notify family and/or consignee when final boarding has taken place. We also check at arrival point as to conditions of arrival. On shipins, we notify family and/or consignee as to safe arrival and estimated time of final delivery.

ALL airlines that transport live animals are equally 'pet safe' and 'pet friendly' Do NOT fall for the foolishness that some pet shippers dish out that ONLY some are safe and friendly. When there are problems, they usually result from the ground crews. These people are usually independent contractors employed by the airlines. And, very often not properly trained in handling pets. And, ALL airlines use these ground crews at most airports. We pet shippers are NEVER allowed beyond the counter of the cargo facilities.

Airline Information


MOST airlines base their charges upon volume or dimensional weight.  This is arrived at by using the MAXIMUM outside 3 dimensions.  United Airlines base their

charges on ACTUAL weight of each pet AND kennel   It is VERY important to have exact   measurements.  NO guessing!   One inch can make the difference of many dollars.

Some pet shippers will have you believe some airlines are MORE pet safe, MORE pet friendly....  This is NOT true.  ALL airlines that accept pets are equally pet safe and friendly.  Some airlines give kickbacks to pet shippers who promote their airlines.  The problem sometimes exists with the cargo handlers and ground crews.. These people service ALL the airlines.  Many come from countries who are NOT so pet friendly.  They often do NOT understand our love of pets, so they do NOT handle with the care they should!

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Do NOT misunderstand the following ...... Some airlines such as  American have unrealistic policies as to embargos, especially in winter and summer.  Depending upon outside temperatures.  Delta seems to be quirky at ALL times.  United has the most realistic approach.  None of the International carriers have these embargo problems.  ALL of the planes are pressurized where the pets are carried. Also, same temperature as in the cabin.  The problems some carriers have had to do ONLY with outside temps.

VERY  URGENT  At ALL Times: For International Travel, you MUST use the APHIS 7001 International Health certificate, AND, endorsed by the USDA.... This, NO matter what your Veterinarian or even the USDA itself tells you..... We will NOT accept a pet for international travel without this form. To Canada, is an exception.  No USDA endorsement by USDA is required....

Please read ALL of our pages.  We have VERY important info regarding kennel construction; health of pets; how shipping charges are arrived at; how to save money;how some pet shippers rip you off; the truth about IPATA; etc.

Domestic Airlines with Very Helpful Information

  • American Airlines (800) 227-4622
  • then scroll down
  • AMERIJET   Cargo only  800.927.6059   305.593.2997
  • Continental see United
  • Delta (800) 352-2746 Click: Programs & Services
  • Under travel services click: Pet Travel
  • Northwest  (has been taken over by Delta and KLM)Click: nw servicess, scroll (go to a product)
  • Click: Priority Pet
  • United (800) 575.3335 
  • United - Continental are one airline now
  • USAIR (888) 300-0099 
  • Southwest AirlinesIn cabin only
  • Jet BlueIn cabin only
  • Alaska Airlines  (800) 225.2752
  •  Frontier Airline Cargo 
  • (As of: 01 Nov 2012, Frontier will NO longer carry live animals)
    and: airline pet travel report

    ALL airlines require two (2) plastic cups clipped on the inside of front door. For water and food.

International Airlines with Very Helpful Information

TAX TIP - Your pet relocation expenses may be tax deductible. Check IRS publication #521
Contact Action Pet Express in Virginia for domestic and international pet transport services.

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