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We offer domestic and worldwide pet shipping by air;

Door to Door, Over the Road Pet Transport: Kentucky, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Washington DC, and West Virginia

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APHIS - USDA Pet Travel

Why are we so much LESS expensive than IPATA shippers?

We offer domestic and worldwide pet shipping by air and Door to Door,

Over the Road Pet Transport

SAVE  MONEY    BIG MONEY!!    Let us show you how!   Let our EXPERIENCE shine thru to HELP you!

CAUTION…. PET TRAVEL STORE in Ft Lauderdale, FL is a TOTAL RIP OFF …. Do NOT buy from them!  Most of their paperwork is WORTHLESS… ALL documents you ever need are FREE from your veterinarian; USDA; or you can just download…  And,  IPATA allows them to continue to RIP  YOU  OFF!!

We are here 24/7 to help you with ALL of your pet travel needs!  Unlike most IPATA pet shippers who are available 9-5 weekdays ONLY!!  Please scan our entire website..  VERY helpful.. We are most knowledgeable having traveled part way around the world with our own Schnauzers!

Looks like UNITED Airlines is NOT going to carry pets for awhile.  CALL us and we will give you free advice as to options!

If you have anxiety about using UNITED Airlines for pet shipping there are excellent alternatives!  LUFTHANSA is excellent; and they cover the world.  We can help you and save you BIG money.  Also, Qatar Air and British Airways.  For domestic pet travel: both Delta and American can be very unreliable with all their restrictions, etc.  Alaska Air is a good choice..   For International pet travel: try to avoid:  KLM, Air France and Delta as they all require ONLY  IPATA pet shippers to do bookings so you can expect MAJOR expenses!  Expenses you will NOT have with ACTION PET EXPRESS!

Nice Guys Finish LAST!!! I have finally grown tired of finishing LAST! It is time for me to explain to YOU how you are spending THOUSANDS of dollars MORE for pet shipping than you need… Using IPATA pet shippers is bad enough; but using 3rd party (Middlemen) pet shippers is REALLY bad! Let me tell you of the lies they are using to SCARE you into using their services… Just use our FREE consultations. NO obligations.. May your pet(s) have a HAPPY journey WITHOUT breaking the bank….

We ITEMIZE each and every item or product…  You do NOT pay for services you do NOT need or want.  IPATA shippers lump ALL items into one package so you do NOT know what you are paying for!


Contact Action Pet Express for safe and dependable pet relocation service. Based in Greater Washington, DC, area this company serves clients in this area and around the world.

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