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We offer domestic and worldwide Pet Shipping by air;

Door to Door, Over the Road Pet Transport: Kentucky, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Washington DC, and West Virginia

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We offer domestic and worldwide pet shipping by air and Door to Door,

Over the Road Pet Transport

Be AWARE!!!  If you search for Pet Shipping needs from Washington, DC, the following 3rd party pet shippers usually show up FIRST:  STARWOOD ANIMAL TRANSPORT; ANIMAL LAND; HAPPY TAILS; and ANIMAL TRANSPORTATION WORLDWIDE....  NONE of these have offices here.  They MUST contact a fellow IPATA member to continue on.  You are paying DEARLY  MUCH more for this service.  You should ALWAYS contact a local pet shipper for your needs.  Why pay a middleman thousands of dollars MORE?

CITIZENS PET SHIPPERS and uShip also often show up.  These are really rip offs.  They put your needs out to bid.  People often provide you with a low bid just to get drug money!  Do NOT trust these firms.  You do NOT know really what type people are caring for your pets!

Do you REALLY want to employ a Pet Mover who also Solicits animal transport to EXPERIMENTAL  LABORATORIES?  READ our IPATA Rip Off page for their names!

We are NOT members of IPATA.  And PROUD of this fact.  This means MAJOR savings for you.. Local members such as: Pender, and Capital Pet Movers, as well as most other IPATA shippers will try very hard to push extra, NOT needed services on to you.  They even try to scare you into using their services!  An example:  They often tell you that your pet might go thru an x-ray machine if you use someone else.  This is a total lie..  Pets NEVER go thru x-rays..  They often want your pet at their facility for a day or two.  This is so un-necessary.. Only a big money maker for them.  They usually will NOT itemize.  They don't want you to know what all you are paying for.. and all the services they are charging you for; and NOT needed...

As a PET MOVER we are MUCH less costly than other PET TRANSPORTERS for Pet Pick Ups and Deliveries  within Washington DC, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina and even beyond!

You do NOT need an expensive IPATA pet shipper to ship your pet from a foreign country to USA.  ONLY needs to be a KNOWN SHIPPER to the airlines.  Can be any FREIGHT FORWARDER for example!    You can save MUCH money with a little research.  We will help you all we can...

URGENT  WARNING!!  We've been receiving MANY complaints lately regarding  HAPPY TAILS Pet Shippers in Tucson, AZ   VERY high prices and NOT too sharp on pet travel info!  Be sure to include our THIRD PARTY PET SHIPPER page in your research

You might not use our services; but our FREE  ADVICE may save you Hundreds, sometimes Thousands, of dollars...  We LOVE to talk about Pet Travel!!  Having done much ourselves..

BE  CAREFUL   Looks like DELTA (and IPATA) might be involved in another GIMMICK to part you and your money!  Something called CarePod! 

Why would you continue to use IPATA  3rd party shippers when you should know you are being RIPPED OFF by thousands of dollars?  You need NOT take our word... Just COMPARE before you sign up!!

LISTEN UP!!!!  We ARE acknowledged  MAVERICKS in the Pet Relocation industry,  AND  YOU are the BENEFICIARY.....

If you are considering using PENDER, or CAPITAL PET MOVERS in the D.C. area you should RE-CONSIDER...  You will be spending at least $1500 to $2000 MORE than you need!  Do you really have this extra cash lying around?  You will NOT be getting MORE or BETTER service from them over us.... If you do have this extra cash then consider a nice contribution to one of the many animal welfare foundations...  Your pet(s) will thank you..

We are your BEST source for money SAVING advice for PET TRAVEL to: AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND; and indeed the WHOLE WORLD!

WARNING.... Do NOT use  PCS PETS in North Carolina    They just took off with my clients $3500.....

on: United, Delta, Air France or KLM;  YOU ARE JUSTIFIED! Let us help you make safer, more desirable, decisions…  UA, DL, AF, and KLM are ALL ripping you off by requiring ONLY  IPATA pet shippers to book international pet flights...  We can save you BIG money by using LUFTHANSA .... Let us show you how!!!

ATTENTION!  Owners of BRACHYCEPHALIC  pets:  It is now virtually impossible to ship your pets on a domestic carrier, and on most International flights.  Lufthansa does so let us help you...  Maybe still possible IN CABIN?  Domestically you may need to use an over the road service?  Remember:  Do NOT use:  uShip, Citizens Pet Movers, or ROADIE!!

We can HELP you!  We have the experience and know how!  We will save you really BIG  MONEY!   Just compare our prices and services with:    BEWARE  Pet Travel Store and the WORTHLESS  Pet Passports and other paperwork they are ripping you off with... ALL paperwork you ever need is FREE!!! Check with us...  PET PASSPORTS are ONLY provided by Veterinarians in the EU.... They have been reported to the BBB, but manage to wiggle out...  PET TRAVEL STORE is NOTHING but a MAjOR  RIP OFF....

Avoid the MIDDLEMAN!  Save Thousands of Dollars... Read our 3rd Party Pet Shipper page..... They continue to RIP you OFF.... Right and Left    You do NOT need them!  Do NOT believe their Bull

The most atrociously expensive 3rd party shippers are: AIR ANIMAL in Tampa and Orlando, FL; PET RELOCATION in Austin, TX; HAPPY TAILS in Tucson, AZ; ANIMAL LAND ( in Atlanta, GA; and WORLD PET TRAVEL in Texas, and also STARWOOD ANIMAL TRANSPORT;  and  PET EXPRESS in San Francisco;  and NOW look out for: The LUXE in Brockton, MA!!

  You do NOT need them...  Get their quotes; then continue to shop around...  You WILL do MUCH better.....  You will easily SAVE from $2000 to $5000 by NOT using these firms....

We ARE thee Affordable Alternative to the VERY Expensive IPATA!!

We itemize ALL charges!  Others refuse to!      I've traveled nearly worldwide with my own dogs....

IPATA is in collusion with several IPATA friendly airlines (members of IPATA no less) such as: Delta, United, Air France and KLM who will only allow IPATA members to make international pet bookings!  This of course keeps costs VERY high!  You pay and lose... This smells as anti-trust violations!

In most cases, British Air, Virgin Atlantic and Qatar Air do NOT require a pet shipper from USA.  However they do not fly to many USA airports.  Lufthansa does require a pet shipper but does NOT require IPATA shippers.. This is how we can save you BIG money!!

We can keep costs down for you in most cases...

The Safer Pet Shipping Company

Whether you’re going out of town on vacation or permanently relocating to a new address, the safety of your pet during transportation is one of your primary concerns. At Action Pet Express, we offer safe and affordable solutions to get your pet from place to place. Currently, the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association (IPATA) runs a virtual monopoly on the pet shipping industry, and their practices are no more beneficial for your pet than they are for your wallet. Our pet shipping company, however, is the alternative you can count on.

Veteran owned and operated since 1969, our company is available 24/7 to see to the safe and affordable transportation of your pet. We offer free consultations, and we will never ask you for a deposit, booking fee, or pet move management fee. Our primary concern is the safety and well-being of your pet during transportation.

A Different Kind of Pet Transport Service

Unfortunately, the pet transport industry is rife with heartless fraudsters. Even the IPATA operates as if its primary concern is profit rather than animal safety and consumer satisfaction. Don’t let yourself get scammed. One of our goals is to keep our clients apprised of the blatant offenders, but also to recommend which airlines are the most trustworthy and humane when it comes to pet transport. An Experienced Pet Courier Who Cares

We are proud of our reputation as a highly recommended and compassionate pet transportation service. Unlike ALL  3rd-party movers, we offer LOW RATES and ITEMIZED  INVOICES  so you know exactly what you’re paying for BEFORE  you sign with us!  What’s more, our services come at a fraction of the price offered by IPATA  pet shipping companies.

Make a better choice for your pet and for you: leave your pet’s move to us, and your companion will arrive safe and on time, all for a price that equals major savings for you. If you are in the military, ask us about our  service for your upcoming Permanent Change of Station (PCS with pets)..

Contact Action Pet Express to discuss your pet relocation needs. Conveniently located near Dulles International Airport (IAD), Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA), and Baltimore-Washington International Airport (BWI); and not far from: Philadelphia, PA, Newark, NJ (EWR), Charlotte, NC (CLT), and Raleigh-Durham (RDU);  we serve our clients worldwide.

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