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We offer domestic and worldwide pet shipping by air and Door to Door,

Over the Road Pet Transport

Watch Out for Pet Transport Service Scams

Watch out for THE LUXE PET !! A new rip off 3rd party shipper trying to go WORLDWIDE.. You never want to use a 3rd party shipper.. You should contact pet shippers at either end of your pet travel needs. This is what a third party shipper does then they charge you thousands of dollars MORE!!!
Pet Hamster Preparing for RelocationNo one likes being the victim of a scam. Neither do pet owners. To avoid scams from third-party shippers and others, trust in Action Pet Express in Greater Washington, DC, area, for pet relocation service. Rely on Jerry, who has more than 45 years of experience in pet shipping, to provide you with honest information and reasonable pricing. He wants you to beware of pet scams. PET TRAVEL STORE in Ft Lauderdale sells worthless paperwork  These people are REAL rip-off artists!!. They sell you PET PASSPORTS…. These do NOT exist. ONLY Pet Passports are issued in the EU by EU Veterinarians ONLY…. Do NOT fall for their rip off claims. ALL paperwork you EVER need is FREE. Download or get from USDA.
We will help you for free at all times!!

BEWARE of ever using: U-Ship, Citizens Pet Transport or ROADIE for over the road trips… Your pet may NEVER show up..!!!! These people are NOT professional pet people. Some are looking for drug money…. Professional pet transporters know what they are doing. Especially should an emergency occur!

Beware of Puppy Purchase Scams

A  VERY serious situation exists. Puppies (who do NOT even exists) are being offered for sale on the internet.  Innocent people are asked to send money by western union. Then there is NO way to trace. Emails are exchanged and the ‘New Owner’ thinks someone like myself will be delivering the pup.  And, there is NO pup. Most of these scams originate in Cameroon and Nigeria. Many of these ads appear on   DO NOT RESPOND The internet is overflowing with scam alerts.

Protest TSA Requirement for Third-Party Pet Shippers

Jerry points to three groups who are the culprits in pet shipping scams. These include the U.S. government, the Transportation Security Administration, and the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association (IPATA). The problem begins with TSA requirements that limit animal relocation service to known pet shippers, meaning IPATA members.

It is an outrage that the government does not trust people, such as military members and State Department employees, to ship their own pets. However, third-party shippers, which make up IPATA’s membership, do have the government’s approval. Protest these policies by using an independent shipper. An independent shipper, such as this independent pet shipper, skips the third-party middlemen, which results in prices that are hundreds and thousands of dollars cheaper.

Contact Action Pet Express for accurate information about why you should beware of pet scams while relocating your cat or dog.

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